The Unmade Podcast

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.

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It's a Boy

Big news for Brady - and a 100-year anniversary for Tim.


 2022-05-28  13m

112: The Truth About Spoons

Tim and Brady discuss more crumpets, more dash cam news, England and English-ness, a spoon exclusive, the biggest-known moon, tennis talk, and the shot of the century.


 2022-05-21  1h16m

111: A Heavily Censored Episode

Tim and Brady discuss coffee, crumpets, dash cam footage, censorship, an assignment for Brady, Hobart, the twin of Phobos, and voice over artists.


 2022-05-13  52m

110: Grunt of Approval

Tim and Brady discuss isolation, re-visiting entrance songs, 'bent' workers, Aussie spoons, the martian moon Phobos, and ordinary people.


 2022-04-27  1h0m

109: What's your Entrance Song?

Tim and Brady discuss fingernails, haircuts and Samson, some KFC stuff, a positive podcast, The Shepparton International Village, a surprising moon, and entrance music.


 2022-04-14  1h8m

108: The Puppet Master

Tim and Brady discuss more minor brushes with fame, international days of stuff, the Sound of Music, the Moon Mimas, asparagus, and hair cuts.


 2022-03-25  1h13m

107: Minor Brushes with Fame

Tim and Brady discuss printers, Rod Marsh & Shane Warne, various brushes with fame, the Australian War Memorial, a moon of Jupiter, Tim's secret surf project (and related '21 Waves' merch)... plus an idea from a stakeholder.


 2022-03-13  1h9m

106: A Dubious Dolphin Story

Tim and Brady discuss Antarctica, more stories of maiden flights, favourite beaches, a gold rush town, our first Moon of the Week, horoscopes, and an idea from a Stakeholder.


 2022-02-19  49m

105: Throwing Eggs at a Rolls-Royce

Tim and Brady discuss green rooms, Tim's KFC Ban, a sitar cover, a keyring, first flights, a blurry spoon, Moon of the Week, and people or moments that changed our lives.


 2022-02-09  1h6m

104: My Moon Bucket is Full (with Destin Sandlin)

Tim and Brady are joined by Destin to discuss the moon, an astronaut guest, failure, a coronation spoon, various containers, and some time travel.


 2022-01-29  1h1m