The Unmade Podcast

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.

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125: A Preference For Tighter Jeans

Tim and Brady discuss a tattoo for Brady, more lame superpowers and listener noises, queuing, a huge sand dune, meeting heroes, and pronunciation of flowers.



124: Do Kangaroos Go To Heaven?

Tim and Brady discuss podcast listening noises, an unexpected photo, some civilian emails, road trips, a talented baboon, and lame superpowers.


 2023-02-22  58m

123: Marriage Proposals (with Amanda Knox and Christopher Robinson)

Tim and Brady are joined by guests Amanda and Chris to discuss all sorts of stuff, including marriage proposals, growing tomatoes, and some conspiracy theories.


 2023-02-10  1h6m

122: Podmongers

Tim and Brady discuss the Jurassic Park theme, some Parish Notices, cinemas, Prune of the Week, Mongers, and some 'secret word' serendipity.


 2023-01-25  43m

121: Other People's Shopping Lists

Tim and Brady discuss celebrity deaths, shopping lists, lawn bowls, the Canadian Beatles, and breaking Tim's year-long KFC Fast.


 2023-01-10  1h16m

120: Podcast in a Bottle

Tim and Brady discuss praying for sporting success, Nick Cave, leftie correspondence, memorable housemates, the Christmas Moon, messages in bottles, and Paul McCartney.


 2022-12-23  1h9m

Special: The Golden Record Review

Tim and Brady review the famed Golden Record - which is attached to both Voyager Spacecraft in the hope alien civilisations may discover music from Earth.


 2022-12-06  1h16m

119: The Biggest Moon of Uranus

Tim and Brady discuss Unmade ticks, hotdogs and pizza, Tim's bat, tablespoons, fighter jets, 11 months almost without meat, a Uranian moon, and left-handers - plus some other stuff.


 2022-11-17  1h2m

Special: Home-made KFC (with LEAKED Secret Recipe)

Tim makes his own KFC with a recipe supposed leaked from Colonel Sanders' family.


 2022-11-08  1h6m

118: Back from the Dead

Tim and Brady discuss the number 118, a new cricket bat, Timothy Pringle, autographs, back from the dead, Greek spoons, a moon sandwich, training courses, and new Man in Black cover.


 2022-10-22  1h1m