The Unmade Podcast

Tim and Brady discuss ideas for podcasts that they will never make.

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103: KFC Anonymous

Tim and Brady discuss a return to Iceland, fireworks, KFC, more wallet talk, replacing lost items, a fork of the week, embarrassing injuries, and terrible TV and movie spin-offs.


 2022-01-18  1h7m

102: The Elephant Under The Church

Tim and Brady discuss a Spanish cover, fluffy guests, Holy Water, a long-lost circus animal, wallets, 'man bags', a spoon is used to eat Biscoff spread, and Christmas carols.... Bum!


 2021-12-22  58m

101: The 100 Best Things in the World (Part 2)

Tim and Brady complete their list of the 100 best things in all the world.


 2021-12-14  1h8m

100: The 100 Best Things in the World (Part 1)

Tim and Brady list the 100 best things in all the world (not including actual people).


 2021-12-08  1h3m

99: Honeymoon

Tim and Brady discuss sun glasses, New York, some listener mail, the lyrics of two songs, spoons, and honeymoon locations - plus a bonus rap.


 2021-11-29  57m

98: A Spray Tan and Wrinkly Fingers

Tim talks to Brady - while Brady wades in the sea in the Maldives.


 2021-11-19  48m

97: The Investiture of Dr Brady Haran OAM by HRH The Prince of Wales

This episode features Dr Brady Haran OAM and The Moth.


 2021-11-04  1h12m

Special: Out of Ten (Again)

Tim and Brady rate more stuff out of ten. Send us your scores too - we'd love to see them!


 2021-10-31  1h27m

96: The Boba Fett Nod

Tim and Brady discuss sneezing, a two-man supreme court, moments of respect, Princess Leia's wedding, Tina Arena, popular kids in primary school, Wes, a visit from Owen, and objects associated with ex partners.


 2021-10-19  58m

95: A Good Innings

Tim and Brady discuss baby follow-up, a KFC 'drugs bust', Draw Four cards, being alone, the Ark of the Covenant (and spoons), and life expectancy.


 2021-09-27  1h1m