The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert

The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert serves to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation. This all starts with education and shifting our relationships with money. But wealth is just one piece in the equation of living our best lives, and we cannot forget about the important link between our self-worth and net worth. Join as we explore both wealth and wellness topics, with a goal of inspiring you to take confident action in all areas of your life!

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episode 1: The Keys to Money Confidence

It’s time to feel confident and comfortable as serious earners and smart investors. Money does not need to be stressful. Having the keys to money confidence can help you build a healthy and positive relationship with your money. This episode reveals five keys to money confidence and explores how you can incorporate them into your financial life. What are the five keys? Well, you will have to listen to find out…


 2020-09-04  31m

episode 2: Going Within to Unleash your Authentic Power

In this episode we welcome special guest Kristi Hiller, founder of Everything Begins Within. Kristi shares her journey of what inspired her to start her coaching business after leaving the corporate world. She talks about authentic power and describes how we can live as who we REALLY are – our authentic selves. She also explores self-love, breaking it down to: self-acceptance, reflection, and being your own best friend. It all begins by going within – listen to find out how you can go within!


 2020-09-08  26m

episode 3: Letting Go of Money Guilt

In this episode I discuss Money guilt - something I encounter all too often when I meet with people to discuss their finances. Money guilt is not based on reality, as we are all very unique when it comes to our personal finances and our overall wealth goals. It doesn’t serve us, and can lead to procrastination and unfair comparisons. But having these feelings of guilt associated with your money is normal, and if you are feeling this way or have in the past, know that you are not alone...


 2020-09-08  18m

episode 4: Energy Medicine, Mindfulness, and Self-Care

In this episode we welcome special guest Shayleen McHugh, owner of The Light Journey. Shayleen courageously shares her story of what inspired her to start her journey as a Reiki Practitioner after experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression in her own life. Shayleen explains what Reiki is, what a typical session may look like, and what you can expect. Also if you are curious about what chakras are – Shayleen provides a great overview...


 2020-09-10  30m

episode 5: Money Mindset

In this episode, we welcome a special guest Jolie Viguers, founder of Well Bean Coaching. Jolie shares her journey of what inspired her to start her business Well Bean Coaching. She helps us understand what exactly is ‘money mindset’ – and how it shows up in our relationship with money. Jolie reminds us that it all comes down to knowing our values and ensuring our daily money habits are in alignment...


 2020-09-17  30m

episode 6: Raising Money Savvy Children

This episode is all about raising money savvy children. SUCH an important topic! Why is it so important to raise money savvy children? Because it builds an important foundation that is often not part of the school curriculum, can create diligent habits that stay with them for life, and it ensures you can reach your own financial goals...


 2020-10-01  30m

episode 7: Let’s Get Organized

In this episode, we welcome special guest Jen Zagorsky, founder of J'Organizing. Jen shares her journey of what inspired her to become a professional organizer. We talk about the very common challenges people face when it comes to creating order in their spaces. She reminds it’s not about how it ‘should be’ – it’s about you, and how you can create a space that represents who you truly are...


 2020-10-08  30m

episode 8: Take Back Your Time & Let Go of Time Stress

In this episode, we welcome special guest Nadine Nicholson, one of the co-founders of Ascend Leadership Co. Nadine shares her journey of what inspired her to create a global coaching and consulting business and why the topic of time is so important to her on a personal level. We talk about the very common challenges of time guilt and time stress. Nadine also introduces the concept of the ‘middle zone’ and provides practical tools for us to make the most of our time...


 2020-10-15  45m

episode 9: Stop Procrastinating with your Money

In this episode I am talking all about money procrastination – something I come across far too often. I break down the dangers of procrastinating when it comes to your financial life, which includes: losing value from inflation, missing out on the power of compounding growth, and failing to meet your goals. I also share LOTS of strategies to combat procrastination. You deserve to feel positive and to take confident action when it comes to your money...


 2020-10-22  30m

episode 10: Embracing Inner Peace

In this episode, I am joined by special guest Jennifer Forster, all the way from Australia! Jen shares her inspiration for writing her book – which was based on her own quest of discovering inner peace and the lessons she learned along the way. Jen talks about how resistance can be one of our biggest enemies in our own journey to inner peace. And how moving into acceptance can support us in letting go of judgment and arguing – to step into what is true for us...


 2020-10-29  45m