The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert

The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert serves to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation. This all starts with education and shifting our relationships with money. But wealth is just one piece in the equation of living our best lives, and we cannot forget about the important link between our self-worth and net worth. Join as we explore both wealth and wellness topics, with a goal of inspiring you to take confident action in all areas of your life!

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episode 21: Financial Resolutions for 2021

This episode it all about taking action when it comes to your financial life! The start of a new year is a great opportunity to reflect on how your money journey has been progressing, and to take action towards the goals and dreams that you want to achieve. You are in control and you get to decide what your unique financial vision will look like, and this episode offers guidance to help you get there...


 2021-01-14  45m

episode 22: The Power of Mindset & Choice

In this episode we are joined by special guest Jenny Ryce, who shares her story of why she chose to become a coach after dealing with constant overwhelm and anxiety in her work life. Jenny offers tips for building habits for the New Year (rather than resolutions), and finding your deeper WHY. Jenny encourages us to remember we always have a choice – and in choice we can better navigate through perceived roadblocks in our lives...


 2021-01-21  41m

episode 23: To the Existing & Aspiring Entrepreneurs - Let’s talk finances!

In this episode we are joined by special guest Kristin Fortier, who supports and coaches entrepreneurs on the finance side of their businesses. For a business to be successful and thrive the financials are crucial, but as Kristin reminds it doesn’t have to be so complicated. She proposes that by asking questions and getting curious you can lessen overwhelm, so you can stay in your passion and purpose...


 2021-01-28  41m

episode 24: The Simplicity of Self-Healing with Lisa Warner

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Lisa Warner, who shares with us the awareness she gained along her own self-healing journey. Lisa explains how the body sends us signals such as those through pain, and how emotions can wreak havoc in our bodies when we are put into fight, flight, or freeze mode. She talks about the divine design of our bodies and their patterns of responses...


 2021-02-04  38m

episode 25: Finding Aligned Love with Lauren Zoeller

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Lauren Zoeller, Certified Relationship Coach, who shares her personal story of achieving huge success in her business while feeling deeply unfulfilled in her romantic relationships. Lauren reminds us that we need to look closely at our limiting beliefs and core wounds to do the deep healing work in order to attract an aligned partner. Find out some of the biggest struggles Lauren sees with high performing women when it comes to dating...


 2021-02-11  37m

episode 26: Let’s Talk Love, Dating and Relationships

It’s still LOVE month and in this episode, we are joined by special guest Nicole Haley, relationship and love coach, and founder of Nicole Talks Love. Nicole is on a mission to help women navigate the dating scene, after dealing with her own share of disappointment at finding love. Nicole explains expressing your needs and the spectrum of boundaries in a relationship...


 2021-02-18  42m

episode 27: Show Your Money Some Love

This episode is all about how you can show your money some love. Because your money definitely deserves some love too! But first, it is important to discuss some of the factors that stand in the way of your money love, which include – ignoring it, impulse spending, bad debt, guilt/shame, and money mistakes...


 2021-02-25  42m

episode 28: Tackling the Tough Money Conversations

Does the thought of talking about money make you feel uncomfortable/awkward/scared/ shameful? If so, then this is the perfect episode for you! In it, we are joined by special guest Erin Thorp, coach and author of Inside out Empathy. Erin talks about how tackling the money conversation can be tricky – for some it is a shame trigger, and on the other end of the spectrum, people may not want to brag or be boastful when things are on track...


 2021-03-04  46m

episode 29: Recovering after Divorce to Create Your Best Life

Can there be growth, happiness, and empowerment on the other side of divorce? Absolutely! And our guest Wendy Sterling, Divorce Recovery Specialist, is here to share how. Wendy has dedicated her career to helping women heal from divorce after going through a traumatic and unexpected divorce in her own life. Wendy explains the importance of having a strong community because nobody should go through divorce alone. She shares some of the biggest struggles she sees for women going through divorce...


 2021-03-11  42m

episode 30: Investing 101 (Part 1)

Investing is the surest way to grow your money into wealth. But there are many strategies for investing, and trying to choose a path can leave you overwhelmed and confused. Want to build your investment confidence? In this episode, I break down investment topics, including saving versus investing, compound interest, types of investments, and ETFs versus mutual funds. And stay tuned for part two next week!


 2021-03-18  49m