The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert

The Wealth and Wellness Podcast with Kalee Boisvert serves to spark healthy and positive conversations around wealth and investment and create a world where nobody is limited by their financial situation. This all starts with education and shifting our relationships with money. But wealth is just one piece in the equation of living our best lives, and we cannot forget about the important link between our self-worth and net worth. Join as we explore both wealth and wellness topics, with a goal of inspiring you to take confident action in all areas of your life!

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episode 41: Investing for Success!

The topic of investing can be intimidating, uncomfortable, daunting, scary, frightening...and the list goes on. But investing is one of the surest ways to grow your wealth, so it will undoubtedly be something you encounter in your life. So let’s ditch the fear and insecurities and instead focus on how you can invest for success! In this episode, I share some of my top tips so that you can feel positive and empowered when it comes to investing...


 2021-06-03  35m

episode 42: Families talking about Finances Together

In this episode, we are joined by a special guest Dr. Tanya Mudry who is passionate about supporting families to communicate and navigate their differences through family therapy. Tanya reminds us about the importance of opening the conversation to one of mutual understanding especially as it relates to money. Tanya also shares ideas for couples to approach uncomfortable conversations, including those that surround money...


 2021-06-10  37m

episode 43: Talking all things FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early)

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Jolie Viguers who is passionate about empowering people with their finances to talk all things FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early). Jolie explains what FIRE is as well as the different versions of it that exist...


 2021-06-17  37m

episode 44: You are a Powerful Being – Embracing Your Inner Gifts

In this episode we are joined by special guest Heather O’Neillwho is passionate about helping people heal and harness their own authentic energy field. Heather reminds listeners that you are more powerful than you give yourself credit for. And when you tap into your own inner resources you can experience abundance and joy in your health, wealth, and love...


 2021-06-24  43m

episode 45: Money Awareness – First You Must Know Where You Stand

Awareness is VITAL to having a good relationship with your money and for achieving financial success. Just like you cannot start any journey without first knowing your present location –you cannot set out to achieve any financial goal without first knowing where you stand...


 2021-07-01  35m

episode 46: Encore Presentation of Episode 18: Wealth of Women

This week, I am doing an encore presentation of Episode 18: Wealth of Women with guest Michelle Munro. In this episode, we are joined by special guest Michelle Munro. Michelle shares some of the gaps that women experience when it comes to their wealth – based on education, investing, health and longevity. She also talks about retirement and what women need to consider for planning for their own comfortable retirement...


 2021-07-08  39m

episode 47: Breaking Down the Types of Investments

Investing is vital to growing your wealth, and in this episode, I break down the types of investments to equip you with a better understanding of what it means to invest. Listen to find out why the return options on your cash are so low right now. Also learn the key differences between stocks and bonds and how investors are rewarded for investing in each. And if stock picking isn’t for you find out how ETFs and Mutual Funds can serve you in creating a diversified investment portfolio...


 2021-07-15  48m

episode 48: Achieving Clarity in your Life

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Marlene Cameron who is passionate about empowering women to unlock their power and potential. Marlene shares with us what she discovered about mental acuity, what she calls the Clarity Effect, and how it impacts decisions, well-being, and ultimately wealth. Listen to learn about what the Clarity Effect is and how you can achieve the highest level of clarity in your own life...


 2021-07-22  30m

episode 49: Emotions – Where do the feelings go?

In this episode we are joined by special guest Heather Giassonwho is passionate about embracing and engaging with emotions. Heather reminds us of the importance of making space for our emotions to truly acknowledge them...


 2021-07-29  40m

episode 50: Achieving a Healthy Relationship with Food and Loving your Body

In this episode we are joined by special guest Amber Romaniuk who is passionate about supporting women achieve optimal health after she overcame her own emotional eating and spending 5 years balancing her hormones and digestion. Amber explains what emotional eating is and where it comes from –which can be a lot earlier than we may realize...


 2021-08-05  38m