The Web Ahead

Conversations with world experts on changing technologies and future of the web. The Web Ahead is your shortcut to keeping up. Hosted by Jen Simmons.

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7: Jonathan Stark on Mobile

Jonathan Stark joins Jen Simmons to talk about web apps vs. native apps, when to use which mobile technology, how to plan a good mobile experience, touch events, and more.


 2011-11-15  1h34m

6: Karen McGrane on Web Strategy

Karen McGrane talks about planning systems of flexible web content that can be used in a variety of places. And about the need for better content entry workflows.


 2011-10-19  57m

5: Peter Lubbers on Web Socket

Peter joins Jen again to talk about the magic of Web Socket, and about SPDY & the Amazon Kindle Fire.


 2011-10-12  1h22m

4: Pat Aufderheide on Fair Use & Copyright

Fair Use expert Pat Aufderheide joins Jen Simmons to explain when you can use other people's copyrighted material in your work.


 2011-10-07  56m

3: Jeremy Keith on Everything Web

Jeremy Keith joins Jen to talk about Mobilewood, future-friendlying websites, responsive design techniques, digital preservation, html5 semantics, Firefox 7, and much more.


 2011-09-28  1h10m

2: Ethan Marcotte on Responsive Web

Ethan Marcotte joins Jen Simmons for a conversation about responsive web design, tools, the process of designing a web site, mobile first, what the future may hold and more.


 2011-09-19  50m

1: Peter Lubbers on HTML5

HTML5 expert Peter Lubbers joins Jen Simmons on the inaugural episode of The Web Ahead to talk about what the heck HTML5, web apps, local storage, offline caching, and web databases are.


 2011-09-12  1h16m