The Shephard Defence Podcast

The Shephard Defence Podcast tells the stories of the defence industry, trends in military technology and the procurement programmes that get the kit into the hands of the warfighter. In a monthly news roundtable, Shephard Media’s team of international journalists and analysts take deep dives into defence issues, focusing on niche market sectors and looking at where the trends are heading. We also feature content developed by Shephard Studio in cooperation with our partners. If you work in the defence sector, have an interest in defence technologies, or are an end-user of military equipment, then the Shephard Defence Podcast is aimed at you.

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episode 38: Analysing People’s Liberation Army armaments, talking helicopters with Leonardo and assessing the Somali piracy threat

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we take a more detailed look at what was revealed during the PLA’s recent parade through Tiananmen Square, speak to Leonardo about the capabilities of the AW149 and the rotorcraft opportunities the company is pursuing, and assess the current Somali pirate threat for ships transiting the Red and Arabian seas...


 2019-10-11  43m

episode 39: The contenders line up for FARA, Rheinmetall disappointed but not beaten on OMFV, and talking missiles with Raytheon

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we report from the floor of AUSA and look at the status of the US Army’s key aviation and land vehicle programmes, including the AVX/L3Harris contender for FARA, and we speak to Raytheon about its Naval Strike Missile, while sponsor Nammo provides its insight into industry developments.

  • News Roundup (00:50)

On the news this week…

The team provide coverage of all the news at AUSA 2019 in Washington DC this week...


 2019-10-18  48m

episode 40: Walking the halls of AUSA, upgrading the capabilities of the AH-64E Apache and a look at the fixed wing market

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we are on the floor of AUSA talking lasers, synthetic training and QinetiQ’s expansion into the US, and look at enhancements to the Apache attack helicopter.

  • News Roundup (00:37)

On the news this week…

Editor-in-Chief Richard Thomas chats to Director of Analysis Matthew Smith about the military fixed-wing aircraft market, following Shephard’s Defence Insight’s team recent study into the sector...


 2019-10-25  37m

episode 41: The Pentagon’s EW fears, manned-unmanned teaming and simulating military training

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, the team discusses the electronic warfare landscape and UK moves into manned-unmanned teaming, we speak to MetaVR about visualisation technologies as well as defence supplier Inzpire. And our sponsor Nammo provides this week’s Industry Voice segment...


 2019-11-01  49m

episode 42: Land, sea and air manufacturing capabilities dominate discussions as guided munitions and fixed-wing markets get the once-over

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we speak to Raytheon and Saab about the Guided Carl-Gustaf Munition and take a deep-dive with Defence Insight’s Matt Smith into military fixed-wing aircraft and the upward tick in investment over the next decade...


 2019-11-08  44m

episode 43: Key military helicopter programmes, the space domain and a spotlight on defence export controls

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, we speak with Airbus Helicopters about the US helicopter training market and its business growth path and Raytheon provides insight into the space domain and its importance to the military. 

  • News Roundup (00:45)

On the news this week…

Land Editor Beth Maundrill chats with Richard Thomas, Sea Editor, about Egypt’s growing naval ambitions and how neighbours in the region are keeping a close eye on those developments...


 2019-11-15  52m

episode 44: All the news from the Dubai Air Show and unmanned developments in the air and on the ground

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, Tim Martin, Deputy Air Editor, reflects on the news from this week’s Dubai Air Show and we speak with Mark Bauman, VP of Global Gorwth at Insitu, about its unmanned platforms...


 2019-11-22  39m

episode 45: Thailand defence procurement, helicopter engine development and finding better ways to manage technology

 ·        News Roundup (00:35) 

On the news this week…

We hear from Deputy Editor – Air Tim Martin about the contenders for the US Navy’s (USN) TH-73A trainer helicopter contract.

 Land Analyst Sonny Butterworth looks at the sale of 500 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles to Lithuania...


 2019-11-29  1h2m

episode 46: I/ITSEC 2019, the V-22 Osprey topping the 500,000 flight hour milestone and mobile training solutions. What are the challenges of military training using VR or AR?

·       News Roundup (00:40)

In the news this week…

We hear from VP content Tony Skinner about companies developing new training solutions and when those systems are likely to be ready for deployment. 

 We also learn about Epic Games and its software engine and Cruden’s fast boat simulator, both on the show floor at this year’s I/ITSEC...


 2019-12-06  52m

episode 47: From the floor of NATO Engages in London – discussing all the issues facing the alliance

In this episode of the Weekly Defence Podcast, after heads of state, government and military leaders descended on London for the NATO Leaders’ Meeting, we review the issues facing the alliance, and get the perspective of two key analysts.

  • News Roundup (00:36)

 On the news this week…

Senior Editor, Naval Richard Thomas and Deputy Editor, Air Tim Martin, take a look at the atmosphere at this year’s NATO meeting in occasion of the 70th anniversary of the alliance...


 2019-12-13  59m