The West Wing Weekly

An episode-by-episode discussion of The West Wing, one of television’s most beloved shows, co-hosted by one of its stars, Joshua Malina, along with Hrishikesh Hirway of Song Exploder.



6.05: The Hubbert Peak

In this episode, a little chess, to test cognitive ability. First move: SUV to Prius. What's the opposite of checkmate?



episode 4: 6.04: Liftoff (with Allison Janney)

Allison Janney joins us to talk about CJ’s new job as the new chief of staff.



6.03: Third-Day Story

Big changes are getting announced: CJ is the new Chief of Staff. More importantly, Josh and Hrishi announce "Melon Day" as an official West Wing holiday. Grab a muskmelon and a plate of brownies, and hit play!


 2018-12-19  43m

6.02: The Birnam Wood (with Fmr. Ambassador Jacob Walles)

Hello Mother, I'm elated Here I am at old Camp David I'm respectful, all due deference But I don't really get the Macbeth reference Plus, former ambassador Jacob Walles tells us about the years he dedicated to brokering Mideast peace, including his time at 2000 Camp David Summit, and he tells us what this episode got right about those conversations.


 2018-12-12  56m

6.01: NSF Thurmont

It took a lot of diplomacy behind the scenes, but Josh and Hrishi have agreed to come together to negotiate our feelings on Season 6, Episode 1. Pull up a chair and join us for the discussion at Camp Josiah.


 2018-12-04  51m

0.08: Meet the Twwweam (Bonus Mini-Episode)

Introducing the folks behind the scenes of our podcast.


 2018-11-28  8m

0.07: Parks and Recreation (with Rob Lowe, Adam Scott and Michael Schur)

We literally cannot wait for you to hear how much The West Wing influenced Parks & Recreation. We spoke to the co-creator of the show, Michael Schur, and two of the stars, Rob Lowe and Adam Scott, to learn about the parallels between the Bartlet White House and the Pawnee Parks Department. Stop pooping! Just listen


 2018-11-21  1h46m

5.22: Memorial Day (with Josh Singer)

We're wrapping up Season 5 with screenwriter Josh Singer, whose first writing credit was "Memorial Day." We also look back at the past 22 episodes to ask: what kind of season has it been?


 2018-11-14  1h15m

5.21: Gaza (with Jason Isaacs and Janel Moloney)

We're joined by special guests Jason Isaacs and Janel Moloney to discuss the big, ambitious, penultimate episode of Season 5.


 2018-11-07  1h13m

5.20: No Exit (with Fmr. Senator Tom Daschle, Wilson Cruz, and Eli Attie)

We’re joined by three guests for our discussion of "No Exit." Former Senator Tom Daschle tells us about what it was like getting sent anthrax in the mail; Wilson Cruz tells us about playing Jack Sosa for his two episodes on The West Wing; and Eli Attie tells us about the writing of the episode, specifically the Will and Toby scenes, which he co-wrote with Peter Noah...


 2018-10-31  1h7m