The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast

A podcast all about the role playing game Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. On this show we will be looking into both the mechanical side of the system and settings, as well as the fluff side. The intention of this podcast is to further the knowledge of ourselves and the community!

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Episode 20 - The Digital Dungeon Master

When you have the opportunity to get a professional Game Master and YouTube superstar such as David Middleton, a.k.a. The Digital Dungeon Master on your show to talk about his craft, you simply can't say no. Once you listen to this episode, you'll unders...


 2017-03-21  1h10m

episode 19: Bonus Episode: Shaintar Announcement

We welcomed Gayle Reick of Savage Mojo who came on the show to make a special announcement concerning the epic fantasy setting of Shaintar. Back after a few months, we covered some Savage Worlds related news in Words from around the Worlds. We also neede...


 2017-03-10  1h7m

Episode 19 - 50 Fathoms vs Pirates of the Spanish Main

Are you looking to start a pirates themed campaign for Savage Worlds and you don't know which of the two is best for you and your group? Worry not. The Wild Die Podcast has you covered. David Scott from the Savage GM Podcast sat down with us to represent...


 2017-03-07  1h45m

episode 17: Episode 18 - Richard Woolcock and Saga of the Goblin Horde

In this episode we had the pleasure to meet Richard Woolcock, creator of Saga of the Goblin Horde. We talked about his websites and the various tools they contain. We also went on a journey through the design of Saga of the Goblin Horde. Zadmar’s Savage ...


 2017-02-21  1h30m

episode 16: Bonus Episode: Savage Worlds Zombie Squad

Eric and Harrison met Ian Liddle and James Gantry to learn more about the Kickstarter that will bring Zombie Squad to Savage Worlds. Tune in to find out what got them so excited about this setting.   Kickstarter:


 2017-02-14  58m

episode 15: Bonus Episode: Owen Lean Interview

Eric and Harrison had the pleasure to meet Owen Lean, a freelance writer who's credits include Taxidermists Tale, Horror For The Holidays and All The Purdy Little Horses. During this lovely hour they got to play some Wild Die-ctionnary, learn how to run ...


 2017-02-12  1h0m

Episode 17 - Deutschland & Savage Shadowrun

In this new episode Eric, Gary and Nikk welcome Manuel Sambs on the show to talk about Savage Worlds in Germany. He gives Germans tips on how to get started in Germany, tells us about the material available now, to come and some that are exclusively in G...


 2017-02-05  1h11m

episode 13: Bonus Episode: Retribution Kickstarter

In this episode, Gary and Eric sit down with Vickey and Robert Beaver from Obatron Production to talk about their latest Kickstarter: Retribution. Check out the RPG Brewery on Friday February 3rd 5pm PST where Jaime Pierson debuts his new show to talk al...


 2017-02-03  1h17m

episode 12: Bonus Episode: Eric Simon Interview

In this bonus episode Eli Kurtz interviews Eric Simon of Four-in-Hand Games to talk about Steamscapes and the company. Also, Eric and Harrison answer a question from the mailbag and end up talking about how they got started with RPGs and Savage Worlds. C...


 2017-02-01  1h1m

Episode 16 - Tupac Shakur's Adventure Deck

In this episode, Gary, Harrison, Nikk and Eric award the first Wild Die Benny in Words from around the Worlds, play some Wild Die-ctionary, answer some mail and Take it to Edge with a discussion on conversions. Retribution Kickstarter Blackwood: Archetyp...


 2017-01-24  1h3m