The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast

A podcast all about the role playing game Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. On this show we will be looking into both the mechanical side of the system and settings, as well as the fluff side. The intention of this podcast is to further the knowledge of ourselves and the community!

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Episode 5.5- Savage RIFTS with Sean Patrick Fannon

That's right folks, episode 5.5. Our loyal listener, Karlen Kendrik gave us the virtual slap on the back side and told us we needed to have more information about RIFTS from our last episode. Well Karlen, ask and ye shall receive! A very special thank yo...


 2016-04-25  1h7m

Episode 5- Plot Point Campaigns

In this episode Jaime and Blaine sit down with special guest Eric Lamoureux to discuss plot point campaigns. We give all the basics and how you can use them in your game. We also open the books to answer some of the questions of the listeners. Thank you ...


 2016-04-17  1h22m

Episode 4- Making a Setting

In this episode, we answer a listener question about creating your own setting. We show how easy it is to get the basics out of the way and get you playing in a short time. We also follow up with getting you the link we promised for Ruben Smith-Zempel's ...


 2016-03-18  1h13m

Episode 3- The Last Parsec

This is the episode that YOU the listener voted to hear! We put out three choices of different settings that you would like to hear us talk about and The Last Parsec won by a landslide! We "open the books" again to get to your comments and questions as w...


 2016-02-17  1h22m

Episode 2- POWERS!

This episode is all about powers in Savage Worlds- how you get them, what a "trapping" is, how to use them, hopefully everything! Thank you for listening to The Wild Die Podcast! Be sure to stay in contact with us-, twitter @thewi...


 2016-01-18  1h5m

Episode 1- Character Creation

This episode is all about character creation- how to create a character from scratch, we talk about edges and hindrances, abilities, SKILLS, EVERYTHING! We also asked the community for some questions and you did not disappoint! Thank you for listening to...


 2015-12-18  1h2m

Episode 0- Who are we?

This episode is an introduction to who we are. Jaime and Blaine have done podcasting for nearly two years now and are looking to expand their horizons, thus, bringing you The Wild Die Podcast. This is just a quick episode to introduce ourselves and what ...


 2015-11-18  23m