The Wild Die: A Savage Worlds RPG Podcast

A podcast all about the role playing game Savage Worlds by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. On this show we will be looking into both the mechanical side of the system and settings, as well as the fluff side. The intention of this podcast is to further the knowledge of ourselves and the community!

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episode 93: Episode 73 - Wiseguys

The dearly beloved Paris Conte is back! After catching up with him, the guys talk about the games they've been playing before they interview Eric about Wiseguys: The Guide to Organized Crime and the Kickstarter on March 26th. Get a sneak peek of what you...


 2019-03-25  1h44m

episode 92: Episode 72 - Show Me Your Villain

Following the success of the previous episode where we created player characters we decided to make nonplayer characters this time. You'll find Robert Lichford, Agent Smith, and Thulsa Doom. Gary and Harrison give us an update on the games they've been p...


 2019-03-13  1h35m

episode 91: Episode 71 - Making SWADE Characters

In this episode we each chose an iconic character from fiction and explained how we made a Savage Worlds character using the core rules. Tune in to find out how we statted up Indiana Jones, Sailor Moon and John Wick. Indiana Jones John Wick Sailor Moon T...


 2019-02-27  1h27m

episode 90: Bonus Episode - Gold & Glory Review

In this episode, Harrison and Eric review Gold & Glory: Seven Deadly Dungeons by GG Studio. This book promises to bring a genuine old school dungeon crawling experience at your Savage Worlds table. Does it deliver? Listen to find out. Gold & Glory: Seven...


 2019-02-18  42m

episode 89: Episode 79 - The VTT Can of Worms

In this episode we try to answer a listener's question about what is the best Virtual Table Top for Savage Worlds with special guest Dustin Smith from Atomic Ninja Studios and the Savage Worlds GM Podcast. We also talk about alternatives to the Chase rul...


 2019-02-06  1h36m

episode 88: Episode 69 - Powder Mage and SWADE Roundtable

In this episode, Eric reviews Powder Mage by Gallant Knight Games.  Later on, Gary and Eric ask their guests, Uncle Jay, Matt, and Daryl what they think about the Chase rules now that they've had to play through a few in their Irongate and Rippers campai...


 2019-01-28  1h35m

episode 87: Episode 68 - Happy New SWADE

We kick off the New Year celebrations by reviewing two products by Atomic Ninja: Savage Daddy's One Shot Wonders and Adventure Archetypes. After that, Eric talks about using a character builder for his new character, and Gary discusses the process he wen...


 2019-01-10  1h20m

episode 86: Episode 67 - Killer Clowns and Cannibals

Christmas comes in early in the form of our last episode of the year. In this episode, Gary, Harrison, and Eric continue their discovery journey of Adventure edition and share their experience at the table with you. In the Rippers campaign, they share th...


 2018-12-24  1h4m

episode 85: Episode 66 - The Start of the SWADE Journey

The new Adventure Edition is out and the Wild Die Podcast co-hosts have had a couple of games to mull things over and shared that limited experience with you, along with impressions. First off, Eric explained how he converted the Rippers pregens to SWADE...


 2018-12-12  1h36m

episode 84: Bonus Episode - Low-Life Review

Harrison purchased a bunch of Low-Life material at Con on the Cob and reviews it in this episode.  Put simply, Low-Life is a post-apocalyptic setting by Andy Hopp. But it's much more than that. So sit back and let Harrison take you on this fantastic jour...


 2018-12-03  1h1m