Commerce Talks with Alexander Graf

Join author and e-commerce entrepreneur, Alexander Graf, and his special guests every week as he breaks down different digital commerce topics from what they mean, why they are important, and where to prioritize them in your own digital commerce journey. Our guests typically, international business leaders, experts in the industry at large, and many more thought leaders within the digital transactional space that will be sure to entertain and inspire how your business approaches the growing industry that is digital commerce. Email us for any questions on the podcast:

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episode 145: #143 - Revolutionizing Women’s Lingerie in Saudi Arabia - May Kanounji, Blooming Wear

May Kanounji, CEO of Blooming Ware, discusses the Saudi fashion industry on Commerce Talks. She highlights feminizing lingerie, e-commerce, and omni-channel strategies, offering insights and advice for brands entering the Saudi market.



episode 142: #142 - Driving growth and innovation in an evolving market -Aurèlien Cuellar, Chalhoub Group

In this conversation, Aurèlien Cuellar, Director of Omnichannel and Technology at Chalhoub Group, discusses the success and business model of Chalhoub Group, a leader in retail and distribution of luxury products in the Middle East. He shares his reasons for moving to the region and highlights the opportunities and challenges it presents...



episode 141: #141 - Everything you need to know about India's booming economy - Indraneel Chitale, Chitale Bandhu

Indraneel Chitale from Chitale Bandhu discusses the company's growth, unique flavors, India's economic progress post-liberalization, and adapting to digital trends for market expansion in a Commerce Talks podcast.



episode 140: #140 - Cutting out the middleman in the coffee industry - Ali Al Ebrahim, COFE App

In this episode of the Commerce Talks podcast, Ali discusses his coffee venture in Kuwait and the market in the GCC region. The COFE App aims to solve the problem of connecting coffee bean farmers directly with coffee shops, cutting out the middlemen. The app offers a personalized coffee ordering experience for consumers and generates revenue through subscriptions, commissions, and partnerships. Ali shares the current status of the business and plans for expansion in 2024...


 March 19, 2024  26m

episode 138: #139 - How to ensure omnichannel success in a brick and mortar industry - Günther Helm, Cenomi

In this episode, Günther Helm, CEO of Cenomi Retail, discusses the growth of e-commerce in Saudi Arabia and the challenges and opportunities it presents. He emphasizes the importance of price and customer service in building customer loyalty. Günther also shares insights into the unique aspects of doing business in Saudi Arabia, including the Saudization strategy and the cultural differences that impact the retail industry...


 February 27, 2024  42m

episode 138: #138 - The evolution of the DIY shopping experience - Giulia Staffieri, Leroy Merlin

In this episode, we chat with Giulia Staffieri the Chief Marketing, Sales, and Omnichannel Officer, at Leroy Merlin. We learn about the DIY business model in Italy and their unique DIY store experience, which is more like a boutique and offers fully integrated services. Giulia also talks about the challenges of managing different services and the transition from traditional DIY to serviced DIY. She discusses the competition with online channels and the rise of new pure online channels...


 February 5, 2024  29m

episode 137: #137 – Bringing fashion value concepts to the GCC – Anshuman Anand, R&B

In this final episode of Commerce Talks recorded at Seamless KSA, Alex is joined by his co-host Lina Gallagher, and Anshuman Anand, the CEO of fashion retailer R&B. R&B is the fastest-growing value fashion retailer in the GCC & India, offering the latest fashion at affordable prices. It has more than 100 stores along with its online shopping platform, and Anshuman provides insight into how R&B is combining the offline and online worlds to such great success.


 January 29, 2024  35m

episode 136: #136 – Delivering continued success in food and grocery delivery – Lennard Neubauer, Just Eat Takeaway

This episode of Commerce Talks sees Alex at Seamless Europe in Berlin, where he was joined by Lennard Neubauer, Director, Chief Operating Officer & CCO Strategy & Operations at Just Eat Takeaway. Just Eat has become one of the world’s best-known brands over the past decade, and Alex and Lennard enjoyed a fascinating conversation about the evolving landscape of the food delivery industry...


 January 22, 2024  24m

episode 135: #135 – The business behind the luxury flower and gift giving industry – Samer El Sahn, Floward

In another episode of Commerce Talks recorded at Seamless KSA with co-host Lina Gallagher, Alex interviews Samer El Sahn, the Chief Product Officer at online flowers and gift company Floward. Founded in 2017 and having raised $156M in Series C funding, Floward delivers in 36 cities in nine countries across MENA and UK, guaranteeing same-day delivery across the board through its own refrigerated fleet...


 January 15, 2024  34m

episode 134: #134 – Creating grocery ecommerce success in North Africa - Seifeddine Ben Jemia, Monoprix Tunisie

In another episode recorded at the Seamless KSA event, Alex is joined by Seifeddine Ben Jemia, the CEO of the grocery business Monoprix Tunisie. Monoprix Tunisie opened its first store in 1933 and has grown to become one of the biggest stores of its type in Tunisia, listed on the Tunisian stock market and with 87 stores. It is now working to adapt to the changing landscape of the grocery industry, embracing e-commerce and delivery services, as Seifeddine explains in the interview.


 December 11, 2023  27m