The World of Vala | A Dungeons and Dragons Podcast

Explore the World of Vala alongside a varied cast of characters each trying to survive and thrive in a world of deep magic and capricious gods. Follow the players as they weave their story through a unique homebrew tabletop game.

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episode 5: 5. Flames and Secrets

Through adversity the party finally comes together.


 2018-06-02  1h28m

episode 4: 4. Prologue: Baptized in the Land of Fire

We introduce Elise and her character Marizmech.


 2018-06-02  1h45m

episode 3: 3. Prologue: Showdown in the Land of Wind

Introduction to our second player Assia and her character Adeshna Talon.


 2018-06-02  1h31m

episode 2: 2. Prologue: Gardain and the Land of Earth

Introduction to Gardain and his player Ian.


 2018-06-02  45m

episode 1: 1. History of The World of Vala

A rundown on the history of this massive world.


 2018-06-02  7m