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US puts missile defences in South Korea

The US placed anti-missile systems in South Korea, in response to threats from the North.


 2017-04-29  23m

Turks give Erdogan new powers

Turks voted - just - to change the constitution to set up an executive presidency


 2017-04-22  23m

Russia and US hit "all time low"

Moscow and Washington have fallen out over Syria. How damaged is their relationship?


 2017-04-15  23m

The US launches a missile strike on Syria

The US attacked Syrian forces this week. Why did Donald Trump change his policy?


 2017-04-08  23m

Britain says goodbye to the EU

Britain told the EU this week that it's leaving. How will the next two years play out?


 2017-04-01  23m

When terror came to London

This was not the first political killing at that spot.


 2017-03-25  23m

Rutte grasps victory - of a sort

The Dutch prime minister lost seats in the election but still leads the biggest party.


 2017-03-18  23m