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episode 4: Hannah Gold - Book Club Ep. 4

"A lot of people probably think that writing children's book is maybe easier, and I wouldn't necessarily say it is easier because, you know, you can't underestimate children - they're so smart, and they're so ingenious, and they're so sensitive, and they're incredible" - Hannah Gold

Writing has been a long term passion for her, along with animals and the idea of being a vet...


 2021-01-12  36m

episode 5: Destination Zero Plastic

Plastic is everywhere.

Wherever we go in our day to day lives, we find it.

It is present in our homes, our streets, the nature around us and, of course, in our supermarkets.

It is a well-known yet shocking fact that plastic is probably also present in our diets.

Scientists have estimated the average person eats approximately a credit card worth of plastic every week, and roughly 100 microplastics per meal...


 2020-12-08  25m

September - 2020

This is the first ever episode of The Yanis Mix Monthly! 

In this episode, we put all the best bits from the live show this September in one podcast for you to enjoy wherever you are, whenever you want!

Note: this "monthly" podcast idea is on trial, meaning that it may not be permanent. Feel free to send feedback!


 2020-09-30  24m

Nicola Gill - Book Club Ep. 3

"I think even the fact that you've written one or now two books before, it doesn't make it any less scary to sit down and just think: Wow. I've got to create this whole story from nothing" - Nicola Gill

She's wanted the job since she was 5. She published her debut in February 2020, her second in September and is already writing her third. She went from being an unpaid intern running from one job to another to her dream career - writing...


 2020-09-08  39m

Abigail Mann - Book Club Ep. 2

"Writing a novel is a brilliantly weird thing to do. You tell people you’re going to do it and everyone is very excited for you, but the actual sitting your bum down to tap one word after the other is akin to stuffing a squid in a jam jar; you know it’s possible, but it’s so bloody hard and you frequently want to chuck it in the sea." - Abigail Mann, CWIP Website.

She was always passionate about English...


 2020-07-28  48m

Susan Allott - Book Club Ep. 1

She decided to trade the jaw-dropping landscapes of Australia to the grey views of a rainy Heathrow airport after failing to love the country her friends couldn't get enough of. It was only as the plane touched the ground that she realised the had made a mistake.

Her secret dream, to become an author, may not have been actualised so well if this hadn't happened. And if it weren't for the encouragement of the Australian man she wanted to marry, she might of just given up...


 2020-07-27  46m
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