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YoGPoD 23: Simon's Cheesecake Surprise

In the only official monster truck podcast, you'll find talk about the history of Jägermeister, snoring, and how to make the most delicious of cheesecakes.


 2009-11-30  46m

YoGPoD 22: Thai Fish in a Bag

A Katy Perry cover, Hannah shows us how to cook to get laid, and we go through some of your terrible e-mails.


 2009-11-12  44m

YoGPoD 21: Halloween Spacktacular

OooOoooooOoooooOoooo! It's the super-spooky halloween edition of the YoGPoD, this time actually released at the correct time of year!


 2009-10-31  1h7m

YoGPoD 20: Miss, have you got any Dostoevsky?

Which celebrity would you like as your headmaster, and who would you be at a murder mystery?


 2009-10-13  37m

YoGPoD 19: Dungeons & Dragons Part III

The concluding part of the great chronicles of Brick, Madeowyn, Dylan, Barry and Bubbles as they track down the source of the evil at the Icy Spire!


 2009-09-30  1h19m

YoGPoD 18: You put the boom boom into the durr

Milkmen, ricicles, songs about werewolves and vyrian reviews District 9!


 2009-09-08  27m

YoGPoD 17: Don't they just go down to their undies

Simon is adventuring in London, so I ask him a lot of random questions while he talks into his laptop in his friends lounge.


 2009-08-27  31m

YoGPoD 16: Boobles, Man-man, Cowboy MMO and floating Jaffas

Jam-packed with nonsense this week, with topics from cow tetris to fantasy football.


 2009-08-14  28m

YoGPoD 15: Halloween Special

This is the YoGPoD HALLOWEEN SPECIAL (in August). In which we discuss scary stories, and whatever the hell else we usually talk about. You know the drill.


 2009-08-08  46m

YoGPoD 14: Xephos' War Stories

Electrocution, hitting people with axes and holding your poo for a week are in today's exciting new episode!


 2009-08-05  33m