Most strive for greatness, we strive to wake up in the morning. Welcome to TheBodaShow, a podcast of a couple of guys with nothing better to do.

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episode 68: TheBodaShow

Darius and Steve join Boda for a new episode of TheBodaShow. Listen to hot takes on everything from Trump, Mayweather vs McGregor, Hurricane Harvey and more. Plus we talk some science!


 2017-08-26  3h7m

TheBodaShow #67: Darius Soltes and Me!

Chemist and friend of the pod, Darius Soltes joins Boda for a chat. Find out about the flamboyant cuttlefish and all sorts of stuff about cannabis science. Boda also opens up about what he has been dealing with from his former employer. It all ends...


 2017-06-13  2h4m

TheBodaShow #66: Solo, Not So Low

Boda is back for a rare mid-day podcast chat. Running solo this time, your host covers many topics: Where Has the Show Been? Mother Nature is brutal. Watching people play video games is cool? Donald Trump (of course), Mother's Day is kinda lame, but...


 2017-05-17  1h6m

TheBodaShow #65: You're Fired!

In this special St Paddy's Day episode of TheBodaShow, your host welcomes a myriad of interesting guests to BrainTrust Studios for a long conversation full of twists and turns. Learn why Boda is no longer gainfully employed. Paul Lawn traveled from...


 2017-03-17  4h1m

TheBodaShow #64: Smarty Pants

Boda welcomes Steve Addeo, James Gibson, and Teagan Glenn to Braintrust Studios. Surrounded by geniuses, your host tries to keep from stepping on his own toes while they discuss things like computer automation and architecture and engineering. Had a...


 2017-02-13  2h58m

TheBodaShow #63: Steve Addeo

For some reason the last time I uploaded this episode only 12 minutes were available...sorry, I blame the publisher. is Steve Addeo and I's entire conversation.


 2017-02-05  2h5m

TheBodaShow #63: Steve Addeo

Boda is joined by artist and 2016 co-host of the year, Steve Addeo. Boda had a list of things he wanted to talk about, instead this podcast took on it's own life and tangents were explored. This is a fun little conversation between a couple of...


 2017-01-30  2h5m

TheBodaShow #62 - Science, Stoned Dragons and more

In this episode, Boda welcomes chemist Darius Soltes to Braintrust Studio. Darius is a real-life chemist who now puts his knowledge to work in creating cannabis concentrates. He drops some serious ka-nowledge on everyone in the room! Along for the...


 2017-01-09  2h51m

TheBodaShow #61

For some reason I think this didn't upload, my apologies. This is a fantastic Taint of the Holidays episode recorded with my brother Joe and my brother from another mother Aaron. Sorry if duplicated...


 2017-01-06  3h15m

TheBodaShow #60

This episode of TheBodaShow is brought to you by Turkey, friends, and family. I got a few friends together over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend to chat about the recent elections, what video games we're all playing, and some other interesting...


 2016-11-28  2h29m