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Independent music from around the world. We provide in-depth interviews in which we talk with artists & bands about their works, the current music industry, and various other topics. The show airs guest interviews on alternate Mondays at 5 p.m., and we release the newest music every weekday morning at 5 a.m. Toronto, Canada's time zone.

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Bad Ass Beauty Guest Episode

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 2023 Location:United States, Los Angeles Bad Ass Beauty Guest Episode La Quinta Prince and Shay chat about life as an artist in Los Angeles, he recent epic rock releases leading up to an album in the future and life.


 June 26, 2023  31m

Yegani ‘Greater’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 06/23 Location: United Kingdom Yegani ‘Greater’ About the Song Greater has been a song in progress throughout my whole life. I think when you’re a giving person that doesn’t set boundaries,


 June 23, 2023  4m

The Maple Blues Band ‘At The Corner’ – Let’s Go Album Highlight

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 27/01/23 Location: Canada, The Maple Blues Band ‘At The Corner’ Let’s Go Album Highlight About the Music The Maple Blues Band is a world-class, ten-member group that includes some of Canada’s most respected Blues music...


 June 22, 2023  3m

Sam Wentzell ‘I Think I Better Tell You’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 022022 Location: Canada, Bridgewater Sam Wentzell ‘I Think I Better Tell You’ About the Music Sam Wentzell was handed a guitar by a friend at 14 years old and has shaped his life around music ever since.


 June 21, 2023  3m

Jay Gavin ‘Lost In Austin’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date:31/05//23 Location: Canada, Vancouver Jay Gavin ‘Lost In Austin’ About the Music Lost in Austin is based on the true events of a Canadian country singer lost in the weirdness of Austin TX,


 June 20, 2023  n/a

Travis Dolter ‘Before The Ice Melts’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 02/06/23 Location: Alberta, Canada Travis Dolter ‘Before The Ice Melts’ About the Music “You’d have to travel far to find a more accomplished, driven young guy than Travis Dolter.


 June 19, 2023  3m

The Escape Society ‘Sweet Days’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 02/06/23 Location: Canada, Ottawa The Escape Society ‘Sweet Days’ About the Music The Escape Society is all about feeling good and celebrating life. Combining vintage cool with contemporary ingenuity,


 June 16, 2023  4m

Samantha Ava ‘Live’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 15/06/23 Location: Canada, Ontario (Hamilton, Cayuga) Samantha Ava ‘Live’ About the Song “I knew ‘Live’ was for my daughters when I wrote the opening riff. My daughters’ little steps going to the beat of the song kept ...


 June 15, 2023  5m

Never Plenty ‘Tranquilized’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 23/05/23 Location: Canada, Vancouver Never Plenty ‘Tranquilized’ About the Song LYRICS: Crystallized, The piece of mind, By full design Hypnotized, The tongue tied, The synchronized 1,2,3,4 Mesmerized, By the light,


 June 14, 2023  n/a

Aanthems ‘World Inferno’ New Ruins EP Highlight

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 30/06/23 Location: Vancouver, Canada Aanthems ‘Recess’ New Ruins EP Highlight About the Music Ryan and Geof Dolejsi are actual brothers, so it may not be surprising to learn that they have been playing music together i...


 June 13, 2023  3m