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Independent music from around the world. We provide in-depth interviews in which we talk with artists & bands about their works, the current music industry, and various other topics. The show airs guest interviews on alternate Mondays at 5 p.m., and we release the newest music every weekday morning at 5 a.m. Toronto, Canada's time zone.

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Oranje ‘Recess’ Pure Sport EP Highlight

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 16/06/23 Location: Alberta, Canada Oranje Pure Sport EP Highlight ‘Recess’ About the Music With influences from Midwest Emo and Math Rock bands like Origami Angel and Chon,


 2023-06-12  4m

Renzita ‘Bad Bad You’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 06/05/2023 Location: United States Renzita ‘Bad Bad You’ About the Song Renita and Ranz are both prolific songwriters. Ranz has his own studio and is always collaborating with songwriters of many genres.


 2023-06-09  n/a

Dawson McManus ‘Aswang Annie’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 01/06/23 Location: Canada, Peterborough Dawson McManus ‘Aswang Annie’ About the Song An Aswang is a witch/vampire/ghoul from Filipino folklore, and this particular track is very inspired by Robert Johnson as a musician...


 2023-06-07  4m

Doghouse Rose ‘Jacob’s Sweater’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 2023 Location: Canada, Toronto Doghouse Rose ‘Jacob’s Sweater’ About the Music Rooted in melodic punk with a hint of new wave and good old fashioned rock n roll, their vibrant melodies, thunderous rhythms,


 2023-06-07  3m

The Banquets ‘Cold War’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 06/06/2023 Location: United Kingdom, Leeds The Banquets ‘Cold War’ About the Song We wrote this song one night, completely off the cuff – it came together very organically.


 2023-06-06  5m

Us or Aliens ‘Black Hole’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 03/03/2023 Location: Canada, Toronto Us or Aliens ‘Black Hole’ About the Song Us Or Aliens – Artist Shawn Kirkpatrick has been in the music industry for over two decades. During that time, he has written, composed,


 2023-06-05  3m

Taylor Simpson & The Wishful Feeling ‘Lies Beneath’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: day/month/23 Location: Country, city Taylor Simpson & The Wishful Feeling ‘Lies Beneath’ About the Music Taylor is an indie folk-rock artist from Toronto. He’s also a mental health and suicide awareness advocate.


 2023-06-02  4m

Ted Axe ‘Get Out of Rehab’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 01/01/2019 Location: Canada, Toronto Ted Axe ‘Get Out of Rehab’ About the Music Ted Axe is part of Canadian punk history as the legendary frontman for The Action -”Canada’s First Punk Band”.


 2023-06-01  4m

Spades GT ‘Sewer City Radio’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Location: Canada, Barrie Spades GT ‘Sewer City Radio’ About the Song Spades GT is a crossover punk/thrash band featuring J.D Pearce (Jack Spades, Frightlight) Vocals, Dan Horton (Jack Spades) Guitar,


 2023-05-31  4m

The Sunset Drip ‘Heavy Sex’

Follow @thebuzzrnet Release Date: 2021 Location: Canada, Montreal The Sunset Drip ‘Heavy Sex’ About the Music The Sunset Drip are a hard hitting rock trio from Montreal. Their first officialrelease-“BadDriver”- asixsongEP(2021)-madenoiseupon its arriva...


 2023-05-30  5m