The Pylon Show

Starcraft talk show hosted by @Artosis discussing both SC2 and SC:R. Topics will range from meta, results, predictions, streamers, builds, matchups etc... nothing is off limits so long as it pertains to Starcraft!

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episode 68: TPS Ep.#68 Interview with Grant Davies from Blizzard Dev Team

Timestamps: - Part 1 -01. 00:00:19 Special Episode Interview with Grant Davies02. 00:01:53 What's happening with the Group Matchmaking timeline03. 00:04:15 Challenges of implementing all the new content and upgrades04. 00:08:20 How to balance game MMR vs...


 2019-10-18  2h42m

episode 67: Ep.#67 Corrupted Cup Preview BW.Ed.

Timestamps:01. 00:00:14 Welcome Back / Special Brood War Episode 02. 00:01:34 Guest Introduction & Show Road Map03. 00:04:03 This Week in Brood War04. 00:12:28 This Week in Awesome05. 00:13:05 Cobra's Top Clips of the Week06. 00:16:43 The LA LAN 2019 Rev...


 2019-10-10  1h57m

episode 66: Ep.#66 SuperTourney into Blizzcon & Special talks about Zerg Balance

Topics: Preview of GSL Super Tournament #2 + who has a shot for Blizzcon, and Rogue's Winners Interview talking about Zerg balance. TimeStamps: 01.  00:00:52  Guest Introductions / Show Road Map 02.  00:03:36  This Week in StarCraft II 03.  00:...


 2019-10-03  3h9m

episode 65: TPS Ep.65 Online Casting and Events #ThePylonShow

Topics: Starcrafts Backbone - Community Events, Casting and Participation in Community Events. Shownotes: TimeStamps: 01. 00:01:56 Guest Introduction / Show Road Map02. 00:04:32 This Week in Starcraft II03. 00:27:51 This Week in Bro...


 2019-09-27  2h9m

episode 64: Ep.64 - A Deep Dive into Region Locking #ThePylonShow

Topics: Our thoughts on Region Locking, What Do People Want To Watch, ROOT House Updates, GSL into WCS Standings, and more. Show Notes: - TimeStamps:01. 00:02:10 Show Road Map / Guest Introductions02. 00:03:46 This Week in Starcraft...


 2019-09-19  2h55m

episode 63: ThePylonShow Ep.#63

Topics: Streamers VS Viewers: Taking a break from streaming your primary game, WCS Fall - Dreamhack Montreal Recap/Results/Highlights, Current Balance of Zerg & more. NOTICE: Our Pylon Forum Beta is NOW LIVE for all Patron levels!Links can be found in ou...


 2019-09-12  n/a

episode 62: ThePylonShow Ep.62

Topics: The Legend of FLASH, What Makes an Esport, The Rise of LANs, getting into Brood War and more. Check it out! Hosted by @Artosis - Guests: @Schamtoo & @DocHoliday_tv   Shownotes: -


 2019-09-10  2h55m

episode 61: ThePylonShow Ep.61

01.  00:00:10  Welcome / Show Road "Map" 02.  00:03:30  Guest Introductions / Fav Maps 03.  00:08:13  What It Is To Be A Map Maker? / How Do You Come Up With A Map? 04.  00:08:39  How Baevex Goes About It 05.  00:11:12  How Marras Goes About It 06.  00:1...


 2019-08-30  2h54m

episode 60: ThePylonShow EP.60

Artosis dives into GSL vs The World results, juicy Nation Wars drama and more with @ZGGaming & @feardragon64 Shownotes:   01. 00:00:07 Welcome & Guest Introductions 02. 00:03:25 This Week in Starcraft II 03. 00:30:53 This Week in Br...


 2019-08-22  2h22m

episode 59: ThePylonShow EP.59

Dan shares his thoughts. Followed by Tributes to Geoff from: @CasuallyE, @KimaPhan, @AlexGarfield, @NiceUsername, @LiviBee, @YoanMerlo, @ViBElol, @MachineUSA, @DiplomatDota, @ZergGirrl, @ZGGaming, @x5PiG, @ThatBronzeGirl, @ROOTCatZ, @Maynarde, @FearDrago...


 2019-08-16  2h21m