Relationships are essential to anyone's personal (or professional) development. We're a team of Asian Americans, bringing a unique perspective of these interpersonal matters within the 21st Century. So sit back, relax, & enjoy the fresh hot rice!

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episode 59: #59: Plants, Pets, or Children?

     The question of whether you want to raise a family is something we all have to decide. It seems like today, people have taken the term ‘family’ and flipped it on its head. Ryan wants to talk about the pros/cons of raising any of these of elements ...


 2019-04-21  48m

episode 58: #58: Which Significant Other Does It Better?

     I could not think of any thought provoking topics for my episode so I thought I would do something different. I will be asking scenario based questions and our hosts will answer if they or their partner does it better.


 2019-04-14  49m

episode 57: #57: Another Session of the TRP Love Column

     TRP listener and friend, “Ross,” contacted the TRP a few weeks ago. Ross needed love advice regarding someone he loves and could see himself spending the rest of his life with. His issues are topics that the TRP have discussed before,


 2019-04-07  48m

episode 56: #50: Does Society Today Take Freedom of Speech Too Far?

     Ryan considers me the comedic troll of the TRP trio. It’s all good and fun, but Ryan feels things can get awkward and out of hand at times. Hence, the many times he says “WOW.” In today’s episode, we talk about the impact of freedom of speech and ...


 2019-03-31  58m

episode 55: #55: What Advice Would TRP Offer?

     In this episode, TheRelationshiPodcast gives advice to people that write in. The big disclaimer is that they did not write in to us. Yes, we will be giving our 2-cents on all your love problems whether you like it or not. Doctor Ryan, Drey,


 2019-03-24  38m

episode 54: #54: Disney Syndrome Explained

     Dr. Drey, TRP in-house doctor, has been dying to talk about the “Disney Syndrome” again. The Disney Syndrome is the result of overexposure to fantasy. The infected cannot determine the lines between fantasy and reality. In relationships,


 2019-03-17  46m

episode 53: #53: Trap Questions

     While driving back to NorCal from SoCal, Ryan and his girlfriend played the game Fuck, Marry, and Kill. One thing that stood out was how dangerous the game could be if family members were mentioned in the mix (e.g.


 2019-03-10  37m

episode 52: #52: Moving In Together

     I am the resident old guy of this group. One thing that I have never done is live with a girlfriend. In episode 50 Do You Have A Guide To Tackling Life Transitions?, we discussed “Becoming an adult.” I mentioned that I will never been an adult.


 2019-03-03  42m

episode 51: #51: What Should a Proper Male Be Able to Do?

     On Valentine’s Day, Drey was at Stater Brothers buying groceries for the dinner he was preparing for his wife. Drey noticed a guy walking around completely lost in the frozen food section; he stood out because he had flowers in one hand and Eggo w...


 2019-02-24  59m

episode 50: #50: A Guide to Life Transitions

     We face life transitions in our daily lives; majority of the time they are unexpected. What about the things that matter the most like marriage, babies, taking care of parents, etc.? In Season 2, Episode 44 about Milestone Moments,


 2019-02-17  57m