Relationships are essential to anyone's personal (or professional) development. We're a team of Asian Americans, bringing a unique perspective of these interpersonal matters within the 21st Century. So sit back, relax, & enjoy the fresh hot rice!

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episode 10: #10: Dating Alpha Women

We dive into dating alpha women.  Ryan and I had a brief conversation about potential collaborations.  He mentioned a trio of woman that had a podcast–ABG Podcast, which is a trio of women.  At first I thought ABG was short for Asian Baby Girls (which ...


 2017-10-08  43m

episode 11: #11: Do You Booboo

Improving Yourself Before Dating, a cliche’ idea one of audience members suggested mentioned we should do an episode based around this central idea.  This is a great topic choice because a majority of us learn something about ourselves in every relatio...


 2017-10-16  45m

episode 12: #12: The Bar Of Standards

In the previous discussion on Improve Yourself Before Dating (episode 11), Ryan mentioned The Bar of Standards; not the bar at The Standard Hotel.  Ryan thought this would be a great episode because everyone has this “bar” in reference to our partners ...


 2017-10-22  37m

episode 13: #13: Sex Debate: Morning, Night, Anytime?

Men and women have sex (Yaaaass, please!!).  Men and Men have sex (Is that a banana in your pocket or are you happy to see me?).  Women and Women have sex (Meeoow).  The greatest part of being human is to have SEX,


 2017-10-29  43m

episode 14: InFatChewAsian Mini-Series #1: Favorite Childhood Food

Favorite childhood foods, that’s where our infatuation began.  You have seen how many people attend food festivals, the endless lines at new eateries, and the countless accounts dedicated to food on Instagram.


 2017-11-29  22m

episode 15: InFatChewAsian Mini-Series #2: Rice-ism and the Feasts

            Rice-ism, our familiarity (and consumption) of a beloved staple, today’s InFatChewAsian episode gets down to the nitty gritty when it comes to this ingredient.  Many different cultures use Rice for ceremonial purposes and other times it’s a...


 2017-12-14  40m

episode 16: InFatChewAsian Mini-Series #3: Burgers, how do you like them?

Burgers have been a staple of western culture for thousands of years. Some people say, it started with Genghis Khan, others believe the town of Hamburg played a significant role in building our hefty hot plate. Whatever you believe in,


 2018-01-04  35m