Relationships are essential to anyone's personal (or professional) development. We're a team of Asian Americans, bringing a unique perspective of these interpersonal matters within the 21st Century. So sit back, relax, & enjoy the fresh hot rice!

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episode 11: #11: Can You Explain If This Is A Date Or A Meet Up?

Can you explain if this is a date or a meet up?  Ryan is up to his elbows in the dating element today.  After wrapping production of Annoying Women: The 15 Things Men Say To Do So (S2E10), Ryan tells Andrey and I that some people do not consider dates ...


 2018-04-30  45m

episode 12: #12: Facebook Dating Entering the Online Dating Market

Facebook Dating? It was just announced this past week that Facebook is going to be entering the online dating market. It’s such big news that Match Group shares fell almost 20%. For those unaware, Match Group is the parent company of Match, Tinder,


 2018-05-07  43m

episode 13: #13: Why Are We Taking So Long To Get Married In This Generation?

In previous episodes, we have spent a fair share of time talking about dating.  We have discussed what the dating landscape is now compared to our youth.  So I think it’s a natural transition to talk about; marriage.  Specifically,


 2018-05-14  49m

episode 14: #14: The Importance of Relationship Building Through Travel

Who doesn’t like to travel? In 2018, Millennials and Generation Z is obsessed with wanderlust. Through each Instagram frame, it’s a race to sensationalize your vacation experiences. However, traveling for work takes on a whole new meaning and to the ex...


 2018-05-21  53m

episode 15: #15: Does Anyone Think Chivalry Is Relevant To Our Generation?

Chivalry is today’s topic of episode 15. I’m honestly surprised this hasn’t come up in any previous episode, but I think there might be a reason. Not to presuppose anything, but we’ve all heard people say, “Chivalry is dead.


 2018-05-28  47m

episode 16: #16: Is an Office Relationship a Good Idea?

Office relationships? I started watching the 2017 version of Dynasty on Netflix; I am not embarrassed to admit it. The show starts off with Blake Carrington, CEO of Carrington Atlantic, marrying his colleague, Cristal Flores.


 2018-06-04  46m

episode 17: #17: What Is Your Thought On Relationship Second Chances?

Have you ever given a relationship a second chance? Some of us have never given anybody a second chance [Ryan].  Ryan felt the need to explore this topic as he has gotten older and encountered people who have given their old flames a “second chance” to...


 2018-06-11  45m

episode 18: #18: Have You Ever Played Cupid or Been Played by Cupid?

This episode is sponsored by: Before smartphones and dating apps, people had to actually physically meet up to start dating. Ok sure, there are a few outliers that were able to start legitimate relationships in the AOL chatrooms,


 2018-06-18  47m

episode 19: #19: What Is Your Take On These Relationship Cliches?

This episode is sponsored by: Ryan’s pun game is always on deck.  These past episodes I’ve [John] been dropping puns like panties.  I [John] guess it’s because I’m board (bored). Anyone catch that?  Deck and board? Har har har. Like puns,


 2018-06-25  43m

episode 20: #20: Are Long Distance Relationships Worth It?

This episode is sponsored by: It’s World Cup Season right now where people are traveling to Russia with their friends to watch the tournament.  I see a lot of soccer hotties in the Instagram feeds so there is definitely potential for people to meet the...


 2018-07-02  45m