Relationships are essential to anyone's personal (or professional) development. We're a team of Asian Americans, bringing a unique perspective of these interpersonal matters within the 21st Century. So sit back, relax, & enjoy the fresh hot rice!

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episode 21: #21: What Relationship Topics Should All Couples Discuss?

This episode is sponsored by: Andrey found an interesting article 11 “Not So Easy” Topics Every Married Couple Needs To Discuss by Troy Spry. The article was meant for married couples, but it can be applicable to anyone in a committed relationship as w...


 2018-07-09  50m

episode 22: #22: Is Micro-Cheating Actually A Form Of Infidelity?

This episode is sponsored by: In this episode, I was going to discuss if flirting is actually infidelity. However, while I was listening to Kevin and Bean this morning, I heard them use the term “Micro-Cheating.


 2018-07-16  48m

episode 23: #23: Can You Have a Successful and Healthy Relationship w/out Trust? (ft. MillennialDatingCoach)

This episode is sponsored by: The basis of a long lasting & healthy relationship is trust in your partner. But is it possible to be in a relationship without trusting your partner? Several months ago, the millennialdatingcoach posted a poll on her Inst...


 2018-07-23  58m

episode 24: #24: What Brought You to the Point of No Return (PONR)?

         This episode is sponsored by: Ryan had to come up with a new episode in an hour and this is what he came up with. We already talked about break-ups and giving second chances. However we have never explored the topic of the Point of No Return (...


 2018-07-30  50m

episode 25: #25: Do You Want to Know the Truth About Online Dating?

         This episode is sponsored by: Do You Want To Know The Truth About Online Dating? Ever since the TRP team started doing the podcast, Drey has always been the odd one out when it comes to experience(s) in the online dating realm.


 2018-08-06  51m

episode 26: #26: QFA: Question for Answers ft. Dr. Events (pt. 1)

     TheRelationshiPodcast is on a Quest For Answers, we knew we were missing the female perspective on our podcast. This is something that our friend’s and fan base has voiced as well. It is fortunate we have Dr. Events, Elaine,


 2018-08-13  48m

episode 27: #27: QFA: Question for Answers ft. Dr. Events (pt. 2)

     Welcome to Part 2 of Quest for Answers featuring Dr. Events (Elaine). Elaine joins the TRP staff to continue our relationship talk. Elaine brought her own questions that she would like answered from the male perspective.


 2018-08-20  58m

episode 28: #28: What Is Your Relationships With Introverts Or Extroverts?

     What is Your Relationships With Introverts or Extroverts? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Do you prefer to date one or the other? Does it matter to you? In episode 28, Ryan poses this question to the TRP team. We discuss what we think we are,


 2018-08-26  42m

episode 29: #29: Do You Define Yourself By Your Horoscope Or Do You Define Your Horoscope?

     Do You Define Yourself By Your Horoscope Or Do You Define Your Horoscope? Yohana Desta, author of Why women believe in astrology more than men. stated that “Approximately one in four Americans believes in astrology,


 2018-09-03  42m

episode 30: #30: What is Love? Baby Don't Hurt Me. No More.

     We mainly talk about the concept of relationships a lot and we’ve defined it in different ways every episode. But, what about love? Just like relationships, love is a very ethereal concept and each person’s understanding can vary based on their ex...


 2018-09-10  48m