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Each week our small group of nerds sits down for a not-so-serious, SPOILER-FILLED chat about the movies you love.

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Cats - does the Butthole Cut exist?

You guys win, OK? We're doing Cats, the 2019 movie based on the musical. FYI James cries in this episode.


 2020-04-10  59m

Onward - OK Pixar, you got me.

There's only one thing David loves more than James Bond, and that's Pixar... but is Onward up to snuff? Oh, and here's David's spreadsheet of all his Pixar movie ratings lol: Tweet at us @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-04-02  53m

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark - featuring Linus from LTT!

Can you hold old movies up to the same standards as modern ones? Because not everything ages as nicely as Indy's patina'd leather jacket...


 2020-03-28  59m

Contagion - Featuring Linus from LTT!

David is at home in COVID19 self-isolation, so what better time to have Linus on to talk about the year's most viral video, Contagion?! Yell at us on Twitter @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-03-20  56m

Casino Royale - Why do people like James Bond?

Turns out one of us is a Bond nut (weird, I know). And since the new 007 movie's been delayed, why not revisit the one where Bond gets tortured naked? Tweet your recommendations and personal questions @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-03-12  1h3m

Swiss Army Man - Featuring Brandon from LTT!

It's a movie about a suicidal man using a talking Harry Potter corpse as a vehicle, and we can't help but relate! Check out our special guest Brandon Lee on Twitter @Brandon_Y_Lee and find us @CarpoolCritics :)


 2020-03-06  1h0m

Spirited Away - Why do people like Anime?

Spirited Away is in "favorite movie of all time" territory for a lot of people. So why do 2/3 Carpool Critics think it's wack?  Ask us weird questions on Twitter @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-02-28  51m

The Matrix - Is This Podcast Even, Like, Real?

If we really do live in a simulation, the best way to spend your time is to listen to the Carpool Critics talk about living in a simulation! Follow us on Twitter @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-02-22  57m

Sonic the Hedgehog - the Internet was right!

After internet backlash forced a redesign of the character, Sonic has finally hit theaters! But is it the best video game movie ever made, or just a blurry blue mess? Also we reveal the results of our Oscars predictions!  Follow us on Twitter @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-02-14  54m

Betting on the Oscars - Featuring Brandon Lee from LTT!

Cinematographer Brandon Lee joins the 'Critics as they place their bets on who will win at the Oscars. You can make you own predictions using our spreadsheet from Twitter, @CarpoolCritics !!


 2020-02-07  1h5m