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Third Impact Anime is a bi-weekly podcast focused on exploring the history, artistry, and community of anime. From series reviews to convention coverage and guest interviews, we strive to bring you content that is fun, informative, and interesting!

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episode 14: #18 - Anime Movie Night Returns! - First Impressions of "The Ancient Magus' Bride" and "Children of Ether"

ATTENTION: If you'd like to submit questions for our interview with voice actor Paul St. Peter, send us a message/comment on facebook or twitter by Friday, July 28th for consideration!  Tori and Austin check out Crunchyroll's latest Anime Movie Night whe...


 2017-07-27  41m

episode 13: #17 - "Vampire Hunter D vs. Count Earnest Borgnine" - A Discussion and Review of Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Sully returns after many weeks to sit down with Austin and chat about the 1985 film, Vampire Hunter D! Directed by Toyoo Ashida, based on the light novel series by Hideyuki Kikuchi! The film is available on bluray from Sentai filmworks.  Other topics dis...


 2017-07-17  1h2m

episode 12: #16 - PERSONA 5..... and friends - TGs and VGs Backlog [Recorded June 11th 2017]

Our podcast schedule got switched around a lot due to the KH Orchestra and this episode fell through the cracks! Woops! But here it is in it's full glory.  Ryan and Jon discuss their final thoughts on completing PERSONA 5! Total and complete spoiler terr...


 2017-07-11  1h25m

episode 11: #15 - "No Cheers for Ventus" - Borderline Recaps the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- (NY, Saturday)

Austin, Andrew, Ryan, Marisa, Tori, and Jon all get together and talk about the Saturday, June 24th (NYC) performance of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra -World Tour- that we were lucky to be able to attend! Listen to us discuss the concert and reminisce abo...


 2017-07-02  1h10m

episode 1: #14 - ENTER THE BRAIN PALACE - A Review of MD Geist... but at what cost...

Buckle up, kiddos and take a most dangerous journey down one of the worst anime of all time.  Is it worth your time? Is it so bad it's good? Find out here as we give you everything you're better off not knowing about MD Geist!  Enjoy the show!  This is a...


 2017-06-19  49m

episode 1: #13 - Two Guys and Video Games p. III - "To E3 or Not to E3"

Jon and Ryan discuss predictions, hopes, and dreams for E3 2017! This episode was recorded on Saturday, July 10th at 11:30pm.  Games discussed: Kingdom Hearts III Final Fantasy VII Remake Mario Odyssey  Pokken DX Star Wars Battlefront II Dissidia Final F...


 2017-06-12  28m

episode 1: #12 - "Con-versations" - Animazement 2017!!!

Borderline sits down and chats about how Animazement 2017 went. For better, for worse, and everywhere in between.  Special thanks to voice actor David Vincent for the show intro!  Enjoy the show!  For...


 2017-06-02  1h27m

episode 1: #11 - "This Time It's Personal... Preference" - Two Guys and Video Games Ep. II

Ryan and Jon return to bring you everything the world of gaming has to offer (well, maybe not that much, but at least some).  They discuss Overwatch, Persona 5, Star Wars Battlefront II,  Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, Prey, a...


 2017-05-23  1h6m

episode 10: #10 - "I Went Back, Back to the Past" - Ryan Recaps Samurai Jack Season 5

Ryan gives you his final thoughts on the long awaited finale to Genndy Tartakovsy's Samurai Jack.  Enjoy the show!  This is an archived episode of Borderline Podcasts.  Look for our podcasts on YouTube and iTunes!  The Twits:  Ryan @ryanmcintee  


 2017-05-21  23m

episode 9: #9 - Borderline Tells You H'what About Spring 2017

Austin, Andrew, Ryan, and Tori give you the what's what about spring 2017! Everything we had time to check out anyway.... This episode is about a week dated, just fyi. It was recorded on Sunday, May 7th, 2017.  Shows we chatted up: Akashic Records of Bas...


 2017-05-15  1h38m