This is Only a Test

This is the official podcast of Tested brings you the week's technology and science news, with hosts Will Smith, Norman Chan, and Jeremy Williams. There's no jargon here, just solid explanations of the week's news--and plenty of wacky tangents. Make sure you stick around after the outro for fake outtakes!



      Episode 324 - What is Star Wars Will Never Die - 11/16/17

      Busy week as we get close to the holidays! Kishore talks about the big finale for the Bay Area Science Festival, Jeremy recaps Day of the Devs, and Norm shares highlights from DesignerCon. Plus, we scrutinize Face ID, and talk about all the Star Wars and comic book movie news of the week.



      Episode 423 - One Week with iPhone X - 11/9/17

      Flea markets, BlizzCon announcements, and Thor! We discuss all of the above and more in this week's episode. Plus, Jeremy and Norm talk extensively about their experiences using the iPhone X for a week, and we get both science and pinball updates!



      Episode 422 - Live Show Hangover - 11/2/17

      Kishore, Jeremy, and Norm gather to tell some behind-the-scenes stories about the live show, give some impressions of Stranger Things 2, and discuss the early iPhone X reviews. Plus, VTOL hobby rockets and Razer's 120Hz phone screen!



      Episode 421 - RIP Kinect - 10/26/17

      Professional maker of things Zach Radding joins us this week as we chat about the upcoming release of Stranger Things 2, Essential phone's price drop, Sony's new full-frame camera, and the demise of Microsoft Kinect. Plus, the VR minute!



      Episode 420 - Giant Robots - 10/19/17

      With home 3D printers, laser cutters, and virtual reality headsets, we're truly living in an awesome future. And that's before we watched two giant robots beat each other up on a livestream. This week, we talk about the big MegaBots match, Surface Book 2, and Pixel 2 camera reviews. Plus, we pay a visit to Elon's shower thoughts!



      Episode 419 - Quadcast - 10/12/17

      Will joins us this week for a special quadcast! Because we missed recording last week, there's lots to catch up on, including Google's Pixel 2 announcement event, New York Comic Con, Elon's Mars colony dreams, and the release of the SNES Classic. Plus, Norm talks about the Westworld experience he went to in New York. (Recorded Tuesdsay so Oculus Connect 4 news will be discussed next week!)



      Episode 418 - 140 Forever - 9/28/17

      Norm, Jeremy, and Kishore talk about their recent trip back in time to the Speakeasy, Star Trek Discovery's premiere, Amazon's surprise hardware announcements, and Twitter's big change.



      Episode 417 - Spirit of Iwata - 9/21/17

      Special guest Mike Mika of Other Ocean Entertainment joins the gang to talk about hacking software, video game easter eggs, and the mysterious incident of NES Golf found in the Nintendo Switch. Plus, we talk iPhone 8 and Apple Watch 3 reviews and contemplate digital assistant personalities.



      Episode 416 - No iPhone 9 - 9/14/17

      The team gets together to talk about the new director for Star Wars Episode IX, Apple's big iPhone announcements, and AI studying how a game of Super Mario. Plus, we reveal a build that's happening right outside our podcast studio.



      Episode 415 - The Mayor Returns - 9/7/17

      Heat waves, Dragon*Con, Burning Man, and PAX. What a weekend! The gang talks about how they spent our Labor Day holiday, Apple's upcoming product launch, shakeups in the Star Wars world, and speed-solving rubix cubes. Plus, supermassive black holes and what we've been testing!