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Welcome and Namaste. Questioning everything and anything is a must for Intellectual and Personal growth. So come with me on this journey for finding some answers and insight about functioning of this world.

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episode 12: Bukowski Poem by Intro girl Febbie

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 2022-06-30  4m

episode 11: Individualism and ego formation

The title was Capitalism vs ego formation but due to the new rules and regulations that they have published. This episode was delayed by five days. I'm happy to be back again and upload new episode ☺️


 2022-02-08  19m

episode 10: THAT GUY!

Today we're tackling the 'THAT GUY!' trend, a topic I've been wanted to cover for a little while. We'll try to put some sociology and philosophy into that as you know I like to overanalyze everything. I'd be extremely grateful if you could rate, give feedback and share this episode, it helps me reach more people and spread the truth :p


 2022-02-01  18m

episode 9: .... nothing can ever ruin this

The music is Chopin - Nocturne Op. 9 No. 2. He's been dead for a while, but please go in YouTube and show him some love anyway.


 2022-01-26  9m

episode 8: Instructions for a Happy Life

Hope you all are alright, Living, breathing and kicking feet. Wrote down something last night aye! Hope you enjoi. Also do give some feedback aye!


 2022-01-25  7m

episode 7: Regret Can Be All-Consuming: How You Can Overcome It

Feelings of regret are linked to negative emotions such as sorrow, remorse, and helplessness. Neuroscientists explore the neurobiology of regret and provide tips to overcome feelings of regret.


 2022-01-12  10m

episode 6: Self-Motivation: The highest form of motivation

Let's about some Motivation and Energy Today! I hope you'll enjoy. Thank you.


 2021-12-14  11m

episode 5: A talk between two friends: Part 2

Another talk, another friend. A talk between two friends 2. Enjoy and Take care


 2021-12-01  59m

episode 4: Broken beliefs, Broken you

Thank you for listening


 2021-11-30  5m

episode 3: Don't curse towards God



 2021-08-30  9m