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Welcome and Namaste. Questioning everything and anything is a must for Intellectual and Personal growth. So come with me on this journey for finding some answers and insight about functioning of this world.

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episode 3: Don't curse towards God



 2021-08-30  9m

episode 2: ???????????????????? ????????????????????????: Feel if you can’t heal

World is weird with so many shades of grey and somewhere in the shades, there lies weirdos, too hard to fix. Call them crazy, call them psycho, call them drama queen or call them bitch, but they are what they are. Wish they could fix them, but they know they can’t.


 2021-08-20  2m

episode 1: How is “reading culture” in Nepal?

If your country’s educated people lack common sense, for sure your country does not have a reading culture.


 2021-08-20  7m

episode 14: Culture of Gratitude and appreciation

What is Gratitude and why it’s important for every individual and how it helps in creating a healthy and happy society?


 2021-08-18  6m

episode 13: American life, Nepali salary — does not work

How can you have a lifestyle of 2-3000 dollars per month with 500 dollars income?


 2021-08-04  9m

episode 12: Reverse Psychology

reverse psychology works is because people do not like to be told what to do.


 2021-08-03  3m

episode 11: Deep work

A book called "Deep Work" by Cal Newport


 2021-08-02  5m

episode 10: Worry not about your life

Hope to publish more episodes!


 2021-07-26  1m

episode 9: How to make money from NOTHING

Making money is hard, but there's a way...


 2021-06-28  3m

episode 8: Some Things I learned

hey there.


 2021-06-24  5m