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Welcome and Namaste. Questioning everything and anything is a must for Intellectual and Personal growth. So come with me on this journey for finding some answers and insight about functioning of this world.

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episode 7: Why are most Nepalese Conservative and How to change them.

Welcome to the brand new episode of This Nepali Life. For the past couple of weeks i have took a break from social media to find myself so i also wasn't able to upload any podcast but today here i am virtually infront of you again! Thank you for listening.


 2021-02-03  10m

episode 6: 2020 won ?

2020 1 2020 won ?


 2021-01-03  5m

episode 5: The Genius of the Crowd

One of my favorites from Charles Bukowski.


 2020-12-20  4m

episode 4: Do not go gentle into that good night

a poem by Dylan Thomas


 2020-12-06  3m

episode 13: Renegotiating Your Identity

We often talk about wanting to be anti-fragile - the ability to not just stay resilient through chaos, but thrive as a result of it. But how does one get there? Stay tune for our brand new episode every week with your own host Aashish.


 2020-12-03  10m

episode 3: No fucks given!

Here too no fucks given!


 2020-12-02  12m

episode 2: What Is The Proof Of God?

Let's dive deep into the knowing of Divine!


 2020-11-23  7m

episode 1: The concept of God in Hinduism

Welcome to Season 5 of This Nepali Life. You all made this possible and We thank you by all our hearts for that. We thought of publishing this episode especially on Laxmi Puja which is today. May Goddess Laxmi be at your right. Enjoy and Happy Tihar.


 2020-11-14  23m

episode 14: Maturity

Welcome to the last episode of this season, it was a rollercoaster ride for us to come to the 4th season of This Nepali Life. We would like to sincerely thank our listeners who stick us to the end of this season. Again Thank you so much!


 2020-10-25  11m

episode 12: The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man

"The Dream of a Ridiculous Man" is a short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky written in 1877. It chronicles the experiences of a man who decides that there is nothing of any value in the world. Slipping into nihilism with “terrible anguish”, he is determined to commit suicide. •Narrated by: Aashish


 2020-10-15  58m