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Welcome and Namaste. Questioning everything and anything is a must for Intellectual and Personal growth. So come with me on this journey for finding some answers and insight about functioning of this world.

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episode 13: FIRST SIGHT

Spoken Word Poetry / Written and Performed by Aashish / Written in May 19/2019


 2020-02-19  1m

episode 12: Pick up some Responsibility!!

K bhane aba ?


 2020-02-11  8m

episode 11: Respect them Humanities

What is Humanities ?


 2020-02-10  3m

episode 10: How to Decide What To Do with Your life

Discipline Yourself!


 2020-02-10  2m

episode 9: Slavoj Zizek: 'Humanity is OK, but 99% of people are boring idiots'

A genius with the answer to the financial crisis? Or the Borat of philosophy? The culture theorist talks about love , sex and why nothing is ever what it appears to be


 2020-01-31  18m

episode 8: The Akrasia Effect

Why we don't follow through on what we set out to do and What to do about it.


 2020-01-31  9m

episode 7: India trip and realization

India has so much to teach for newly formed country like Nepal. Life is too short to learn everything from own mistakes, so wiseness is to learn from others mistakes as well


 2020-01-17  5m

 2020-01-17  7m

episode 5: MORNING TALK !

Sharing my morning thoughts with you :-).


 2020-01-12  14m

episode 4: May be you don't know what love is!

What is real love ? What is conditional love ? Everything you need to know about the love you are getting.


 2020-01-08  15m