This Outside Life

Fascinating interviews with people who work or play in the great outdoors. In this climate of depressing reports (Starving polar bears! Plastic in the oceans!) I want to turn from the tsunami of negative news and focus on what’s wonderful about our world. My aim is for you to fall in love with this gorgeous world of ours. I want you to notice the infinite storm of beauty that surrounds us. I want you to pause as you scurry out to your car and notice the bird song around you. I want you to step outside and step into wonder. I want you to fall in love with this outside life. If this sounds like you then these are your people and this is your tribe. Subscribe!!


episode 3: Bees and Beekeeping

Raising honey in your backyard is something magical and instructional. We talk with beekeepers in Wisconsin about how to do it, whether “organic” honey is really organic and how to keep your hives healthy, happy, and long living. This episode is full of fascinating facts that will surprise you.


 November 9, 2018  35m

episode 2: Fisherman

Is the fisherman’s life really like “Deadliest Catch?” We talk with commercial fisherman Porter McHenry about fishing for salmon, crab, squid and anchovies. He tells us how to keep a Great White shark alive on your boat and why you name your vessel after your mother or grandmother!


 October 20, 2018  42m

episode 1: Elephant Seals

We talk with Chris Tomkins, state park elephant seal whisperer.


 October 20, 2018  38m