This Sounds Serious

In 1991, TV producer Kirk Todd was supposed to direct his first movie, Grand Casino, but the movie was never made. Kirk disappeared with the film’s budget and was revealed to be a con man named Jeremy Weaver. We follow host Gwen Radford as she tracks down the victims and puts together the pieces of this con three decades later.


episode 3: 3: The Cult

In the 1990s, a cult known as “the Mandala” was infamous for trying to rebuild the lost city of Atlantis. Was Daniel Bronstadt a key member?


 2018-05-15  24m

episode 2: 2: Meet The Twins

Journalist Gwen Radford travels to Florida to finally meet Daniel Bronstadt. While at his creepy ranch she learns about the brothers’ past: their boy bands, their twin pranks and their falling out.


 2018-05-08  26m

episode 1: 1: The Call

A confusing 9-1-1 call is placed to report the murder of Florida weatherman, Chuck Bronstadt. Journalist Gwen Radford tries to track down the caller only to meet a man who is even more fascinating than the murder itself.


 2018-05-01  25m

Introducing This Sounds Serious

This Sounds Serious: The Case of Daniel Bronstadt is a comedic take on the mystery and crime genre that promises to be both gripping and hilarious. - This Castbox Original launches in April, 2018.


 2018-04-01  2m