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episode 79: Ep. 79: This week I learned that crows make up after fights, and more

Considerate crows | The Vatican's milky walls | When Iceland's women went on strike | Mountain-climbing madness


 2017-12-22  11m

episode 78: Ep. 78: The week I learned your ice is teeming with bacteria, and more

Your gross ice | Play Super Mario with Grandma | The Eiffel Tower at night | Our forcefield atmosphere


 2017-12-15  12m

episode 77: Ep. 77: This week I learned dogs really are smarter than cats, and more

Dogs are nerds | The trick to learning new skills | The great Halifax explosion | Pumice stones for whales


 2017-12-08  15m

episode 76: Ep. 76: This week I learned that prehistoric women were ridiculously strong, and more

Prehistoric girl power | Turtles' butt-breathing power | How cuddling changes genetics | The negative power of perception


 2017-12-01  13m

episode 75: Ep. 75: This week I learned America really struggled to pin down a date for Thanksgiving, and more

America's Thanksgiving indecision | The long history of the wishbone | Your gluten-less gluten sensitivity | A primer on naming countries


 2017-11-24  16m

episode 74: Ep. 74: This week I learned the dinosaurs could still be alive today if the asteroid had hit pretty much anywhere else, and more

How the dinosaurs could have survived | The healing powers of daytime | The room in your house that bugs prefer | The incredible efficiency of the penguin waddle


 2017-11-17  11m

episode 73: Ep. 73: This week I learned that dogs can smell happiness, and more

How you're hijacking your dog's emotions | Right-handed bees | Chopin's pickled heart | England's sin-eaters


 2017-11-10  12m

episode 72: Ep. 72: This week I learned plants can smell predators coming, and more

Plants can smell | Bacteria can feel | It snows sunscreen on a planet far, far away | The purpose of those silly little T. Rex arms


 2017-11-03  13m

episode 71: Ep. 71: This week I learned that salmon sex literally moves mountains, and more

Earth-shattering salmon love | The secret genius of daydreaming | Our innate arachnophobia | Diagnosed with a broken heart


 2017-10-27  11m

episode 71: Ep. 70: This week I learned worms can smell danger, and more

The olfactory defenses of the roundworm | Stress is ruining your diet | A fish's lament | The murderer behind the OED


 2017-10-20  16m