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episode 70: Ep. 69: This week I learned how female dolphins are weaponizing their vaginas to fight the underwater patriarchy, and more

How dolphins fight 'the man' | Beware the nocebo effect | The mystery of the Amber Room | Europe's radioactive pigs problem


 2017-10-13  13m

episode 69: Ep. 68: This week I learned spoilers can actually make a story better, and more

Embrace the spoiler | Your parents' gender bias | Why clowns creep us out | How stress impairs


 2017-10-06  14m

episode 68: Ep. 67: This week I learned a good mood can make the flu vaccine more effective, and more

Happiness, the flu, and you | Which personality are you, cat? | The dinosaur-devouring frog | The bizarre aero-cure of the 1920s


 2017-09-29  12m

episode 67: Ep. 66: This week I learned you should absolutely beat yourself up a little the next time you fail, and more

The emotional trick to dealing with failure | Lightning-inducing cargo ships | The evolution of the giraffe's long neck | The Alaskan town overrun by bald eagles


 2017-09-22  11m

episode 66: Ep. 65: This week I learned the science behind out-of-body experiences, and more

The science of OBEs | The plastic inside us | All hail Viking warrior princesses! | Chocolate's dark medicinal history


 2017-09-15  15m

episode 65: Ep. 64: This week I learned your unfulfilled coffee craving is wreaking havoc with your memory, and more

The power of a coffee craving | Swordfish heat their eyeballs | Wild dogs' democratic sneezing fit | Haagen-Dazs’ New York origins


 2017-09-08  12m

episode 64: Ep. 63: This week I learned the beloved starfish is a surprisingly brutal killer, and more

The murderous starfish | The color of breakfast | Our drug-addicted fish | A musical medical miracle


 2017-09-01  14m

episode 63: Ep. 62: This week I learned our brains can predict the future, and more

Your clairvoyant brain | Live in the moment: take photos! | The quest for space bread | The venom that broke the mold


 2017-08-25  14m

episode 62: Ep. 61: This week I learned late-night snacking might make you more prone to sunburns, and more

Midnight snacking and sunburns | Why we hold babies on the left | Disney’s propaganda machine | The science of sound underwater


 2017-08-18  15m

episode 61: Ep. 60: This week I learned it might be possible to learn while you sleep, and more

Finally, sleep-learning! | Your impeccably organized taste system | Brilliant bees | When athletes used cocaine to train


 2017-08-11  16m