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What makes a stressful job healthy | Patient Zero's mistaken identity | A lost language's mark on the brain | Drought disrupts fall foliage


 2016-10-28  9m

episode 19: Ep. 18: This week I learned fish have accents, and more

The particular sadness of fish dialects | Relieve an itch with trickery | Don't refrigerate tomatoes | The Donald Trump of the 1800s


 2016-10-21  7m

episode 18: Ep. 17: This week I learned your avocado is radioactive, and more

Everyday radiation | Embracing your middle name | The dark origins of the Nobel Prizes | The jiu jitsu-fighting suffragettes


 2016-10-14  9m

episode 17: Ep. 16: This week I learned dogs can tell time with their noses, and more

Dogs sense time through smell | The life-extending effects of humor | Easing regret through temperature | The pineapple's luxe history


 2016-10-07  10m

episode 16: Ep. 15: This week I learned your dog may be smarter than your kid, and more

Dogs are practical learners | Good news for acne sufferers | The health boosts of a happy spouse | Pureed pumpkin is a lie


 2016-09-30  8m

episode 15: Ep. 14: This week I learned why turbulence isn’t as scary as it feels, and more

The science of turbulence | Pigeons can read! | The health benefits of fidgeting | Do big ears hear better?


 2016-09-23  9m

episode 14: Ep. 13: This week I learned binge watching TV is good for your relationship, and more

Binge watching as couples therapy | You're imagining your nicotine addiction | Why paper cuts hurt so much | The sartorial defense against snakebites


 2016-09-16  7m

episode 13: Ep. 12: This week I learned why you should celebrate airline baggage fees, and more

Your bag shouldn't fly free | The sixth taste | Your cat wants to work | The love songs of coral fish


 2016-09-09  8m

episode 12: Ep. 11: This week I learned there’s a mathematically correct way to sort your socks, and more

Math helps with your laundry | The etymology of the slang word "lit" | The post office has a floating zip code | A low-carb diet will make you smell better


 2016-09-02  8m

episode 11: Ep. 10: This week I learned how screen addicts can get a good night's sleep, and more

Good news for screen addicts | Why humans are so hairless | The whistle of the Caribbean sea | John F. Kennedy's goat


 2016-08-26  11m