This Week in Linux

Weekly Linux News podcast keeping you up to date about all the coolest and most interesting news in the GNU/Linux ecosystem and community. (MP3 Version)

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Episode 15 | This Week in Linux

We check out a few useful command-line tools and productivity apps. We discuss Canonical’s recent outreach to the greater community with the future of Mir and the potential of Ubuntu Unity for 18.04. The City of Munich is back on the docket this week,


 2017-11-26  36m

Episode 14 | This Week in Linux

The first 6 Year LTS Linux Kernel was released this week. Huge Update from Mozilla with Firefox Quantum. New distro releases from Fedora and Slax. Linux now dominates the Supercomputer Market, well even more than it already did.


 2017-11-19  45m

Episode 13 | This Week in Linux

We take a look at a cool auto-upgrade tool. I never thought I’s see this happen but Intel and AMD announced a new joint processor. New competition in the Password Manager space on Linux. Canonical asks for community participation in the new Ubuntu 18.


 2017-11-12  30m

Episode 12 | This Week in Linux

Audacity Released a Big Update, We also got some updates for a couple of eBook Readers. In Distro News we talk about a couple distros we’ve never featured before. This Week’s Hardware News features a couple of cool devices.


 2017-11-05  30m

Episode 11 | This Week in Linux

Canonical announced the codename for Ubuntu 18.04, Kodi Entertainment Center saw a new release, and we’ll check out some cool command line based applications. We got some cool distro releases this week and some news from Linux Mint’s future.


 2017-10-29  29m

Episode 10 | This Week in Linux

Canonical releases Ubuntu 17.10, one of the biggest releases of Ubuntu in years. We’ll take a brief look at it as well as the releases of each official flavor. We’ll also talk about the potential news as to whether or not Canonical is planning to becom...


 2017-10-22  40m

Episode 9 | This Week in Linux

We take a look at some browser releases and a new crowdfunding project for socializing the command line. In Distro News, there were quite a few releases and even some pioneering happening this week. Linux Hardware saw some Good, Bad, and Ugly news.


 2017-10-15  14m

Episode 8 | This Week in Linux

The Long Term Support version of the Linux Kernel is now longer. SUSE announced SUSE Studio Express. We take a look at a preview for Plasma 5.11. We have an exciting Update for the Librem 5 phone. We got some distro updates for Debian, Fedora, Solus,


 2017-10-08  17m

Episode 7 | This Week in Linux

We saw some new releases from GIMP, Fail2Ban, Audacious, Voyager Linux, and many more. Ubuntu has reached Feature Freeze, we’ll talk about the latest changes before the freeze. QupZilla has chosen the new name of the browser.


 2017-08-28  30m

Episode 6 | This Week in Linux

Coming up on This Week in Linux, we saw some new releases from Solus, Krita, Ardour, feren OS and many more. Debian and GNOME both celebrated their Birthdays this week. We check out some cool software that lets you do Google Searches from the command-l...


 2017-08-20  19m