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A weekly roundup of the hottest stories from the world of retro gaming and computing, voted on by you, the listener! Hosted by Neil from RMC - The Cave, Chris for 005 AGIMA and Dave. Edited by Duncan Styles

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episode 105: Building A Brand New Retro Computer - This Week In Retro 109

Can you build an old computer using only brand new parts? Turns out you can! How about about shiny new C64? The ants are back causing trouble in the desert again in It Returned To The Desert, a follow up to the classic Cinemaware game. US Customs rui...



episode 104: 3 New Atari Consoles - This Week In Retro 108

This is your weekly Retro Computing round-up and this week we look at the three new consoles from Atari, might they tempt you to dip into their back catalogue of games? How do you find a retro destination in your area? There is now a website which wi...



episode 103: Collecting Expensive But Rubbish Games - This Week In Retro 107

For the first show of 2023 we are joined by a special guest, Mark Fixes Stuff. We talk about how a game engine (in this case Doom) can be used to recreate logical operations. We look at a report of the 8 most expensive video games you probably never ...



episode 102: 2022 Out-take Special 2 - This Week In Retro 106

This is the 2nd collection of out-takes from 2022. Normal service will resume next week. You might enjoy this episode more if you watch on YouTube: ????Your monthly support helps us keep the retro news flowing!



episode 101: 2022 Out-take Special 1 - This Week In Retro 105

This is the first of our 2 shows where we share some of the silly bits and things that didn't make the show since episode 50 (see episode 50 for some of the older out-takes ).  Back next week with more! You may enj...


 2022-12-31  14m

episode 100: Michael Jackson Sega Footage Found - This Week In Retro 104

For the last (proper) episode of 2022 we have a special guest joining us to talk about some old photos depicting arcades of the past, how some people have been collecting computers before it was the thing it is now and about the recently found (high ...


 2022-12-24  1h27m

episode 99: Atari Jaguar Emulation - This Week In Retro 103

This week we look at R Type which has just been ported to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, this sparks discussion on our favourite shooters. Then we check out the fantastic stand alone Atari Jaguar emulator which is 100% compatible with all Jag titles. Fi...


 2022-12-17  1h11m

episode 98: Dave Haynie Reveals Next Gen Amiga - This Week In Retro 102

This week we discuss Dave Haynie's article where he talks about what could have been the next gen Amiga before Commodore folded. We also have two computer case swap stories. Can you put a PC into an Amiga A500 style case and how pretty can a BBC comp...


 2022-12-10  1h19m

episode 97: Eye Of The Beholder Comes to C64/C128 - This Week In Retro 101

Hope you are sitting comfortably as its a longer than usual episode this week. We were joined by Jason from Mr Lurch's Things on the team this week and had a good old chat. There is a wonderful story of an Amiga user who died far too young and after ...


 2022-12-03  1h28m

episode 96: Microsoft Flight Simulator Has A Secret - This Week In Retro 100

Episode 100 achieved! We celebrate a milestone for the show with a very special guest. We also check out the ability to place Microsoft Flight Simulator within Microsoft Flight Simulator. We were also made aware of a Barber shop that has incorporated...


 2022-11-26  1h15m