This Week in Science – The Kickass Science Podcast

The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each show TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Dr. Kirsten Sanford, a PhD in neuroscience, Justin Jackson, a wisecracking professional car salesman and armchair physicist, and Blair Bazdarich, a zoologist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.

Eine durchschnittliche Folge dieses Podcasts dauert 1h44m. Bisher sind 435 Folge(n) erschienen. Jede Woche gibt es eine neue Folge dieses Podcasts.

Gesamtlänge aller Episoden: 31 days 17 hours 14 minutes


episode 911: Will the Dodo Fly?

This Week: Maps, Black Bears, Bigfoot, Asteroid Asymmetry, Squids, Fungus, Vaccines, Dodo Birds, Fly Sperm, Hydrogen, Neander Skulls, Drinking & IVF, And Much More Science!



episode 910: Who Wants to Play Asteroids?

What is in the This Week in Science Podcast? This Week: Earth’s Core, The next Pandemic, Screen time bad, outside good, Old Asteroids, Music and stress, Artic Primates, Sea Spiders, Talking chimp, Knowing Dogs, T.gondii, Just Bad News,



episode 908: Laser-Guided Lightning, Very, Very Frightening!

This Week: Predicting Solar Flares, Laser-guided lightning, Toddlers & Dogs, Bird Vagrants, Concrete, Phantom Credits, Tree Tossing, Echidna, Stem Cells, Rebooting Age, And Much More Science!



episode 908: 2023 Science Predictions!

This Week: Predictions from 2022, Predictions for 2023, Schrödinger's Tardigrade, Fishmobile, Hostile Earth, Amputee Advantage?, Baby Cry Recognition, Crow Tools, Bear Guts, No Matter Difference, And Much More Science!



episode 907: Happy New Year of Science!

This Week: Cancer Vaccine, Microplastic, Lucky Pigs, Wasps, Glass Frogs, Seeing Voices, Hairy Research, And Much More Science...



episode 906: Top 11 of 2022!

This Week: What does This Week in Science think were the year's top science stories? This end-of-year episode counts down the Top 11 science news stories of 2022 and much more science...


 2022-12-22  1h45m

episode 905: Welcome To The Science Monkey House

This Week: Fusion, Jaguars, Cell Control, Cancer Cures, Chaperone Proteins, Microplastics, Snakes, Migrators, Just Good News, Slime Mold, The 6th Sense, Microbial Motivation, And Much More Science!


 2022-12-16  2h20m

episode 904: How can you science your way out of a lying toddler?

This Week: Paleo Feud?, DNA, Club Competition, ADHD, Lying Toddlers, Cold Noses, Lady Locust, Animal Sounds, Just Good News, Ancient Kid Crafts, Neuralink Concerns, And Much More Science!


 2022-12-09  1h39m

episode 903: Does This Wormhole Go To Science Town?

This Week: Holographic Wormholes, Monkey see, human see chimp…?, Carbon Removal, Cannabis Contradiction, Cocaine, Death Metal, Wolf Pack Parasite, Singing Bats, Canadian Geese, Meteorite Minerals, Emperors, Octopuses, Bird Jaws, And Much More Science!


 2022-12-02  2h8m

Who's Thankful for Science?

This Week: Bat, Global Warming, Bird Weather, Floaters Vs Sinkers, Waste not, want not, Plant Memory, Baby Fish, Frogs, Chimps, Whales, Extinctions, Self-medicating Birds, Makeup, And Much More Science!


 2022-11-26  1h44m