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The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each show TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Dr. Kirsten Sanford, a PhD in neuroscience, Justin Jackson, a wisecracking professional car salesman and armchair physicist, and Blair Bazdarich, a zoologist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.

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episode 774: 20 May, 2020 – Episode 774 – What’s in an Octopus’ Garden

Interview w/ Chad King on Octopus Gardens, COVID Update, Pain In The Brain, Fungis On Twitter, Bird Spys, Eyes On, Irreproducible Results, Dr. Google, Funny Penguin Poop, And Much More...



episode 773: 13 May, 2020 – Episode 773 – K9 COVID Angst

COVID19 Update, Vagina Science, Turtle Moms Throw Sand, Angsty K9s, Creating Chimeras, Hidden Human Migration, T-rex Legs, Tools Of Self-Control, Night Pollinators, Tully Monster Chemistry, And Much More...



episode 772: 06 May, 2020 – Episode 772 – Celebrate the Science Teachers

COVID19 Update, SMART Research, Dolphin Voices, Salmon Magnets, Neighborhood Black Hole, Hydrogen Worlds, Wireless Power, Mushrooms For Jet-Lag, Murder Hornet Mayhem, Sleeping Memory, Koala Licks, And Much More...



episode 770: 29 April, 2020 – Episode 771 – How to Read Tree Rings

Interview w/ Dr. Valerie Trouet on Tree Story, COVID-19 Update, Matriarchal Neanderthals?, Viral Bee Behavior, Spider Combs!, Underwater Bones, Core Conundrum, Dope Shrews, Toothy Teenagers, Swimming Spinosaurus, City Found, Danger Place, And Much More...



episode 770: 22 April, 2020 – Episode 770 – Is there life beyond Earth?

Interview w/ Kevin Peter Hand on Alien Oceans, Life Value, FOX Experiment, Toxo Zoos, Evolution Stinks, Cool Bird Beaks, Indoor CO2, Hungry Robots, Two Comfort Bugs, Spider Pain Venom, Amazonian Agriculture, Food Waste, And Much More...



episode 769: Going Crazy for Science!

Interview w/ Crazy Aunt Lindsey of The Fab Lab, COVID Science, Potential For Violation, Alien Breakup, Turtle Sex, Rhino Guards, Carbon Cutting, Evolving AI, Space Brain, Flamingo friends!, Breakfast Chocolate, And Much More…


 2020-04-17  1h54m

episode 768: 08 April, 2020 – Episode 768 – Her Brain is SO Crafty!

Interview w/ Vanessa Hill of BrainCraft, Quick COVID Update, Better Brain Implants, Heart Off The Shelf, Mouse Looks, Charismatic Invasives, Healthy Horseshoe Crabs, Toilet Scans, Interstellar Dropoff?, Panda Mating, And Much More...


 2020-04-11  2h5m

episode 767: 01 April, 2020 – Episode 767 – April Fools Is Cancelled

COVID-19 Update, Magic Brain Decoder Ring, Antarctic Rainforest, Orchestral Squid in the Dark, Ant Traffic, Bacterial Photosynthesis, Fishy Calusa, Matchy Microbiomes, Nuclear Reprogramming 4Eva, Musical Creativity, Mantis Mimic, And Much More...


 2020-04-04  1h41m

episode 766: 25 March, 2020 – Episode 766 – What is the Wonder Chicken?

Treatment Truths, Cellular Waves, WonderChicken, Animal Ancestor, Snake Venom Virtue, Horny Narwhals, Life Finds A Way, COVID Myths, Musical Brains, Long-lived Ladies, Apelopithecus, And Much More...


 2020-03-31  1h35m

episode 765: 18 March, 2020 – Episode 765 – Who Has the Mars Maps?

Interview with JPL Mars Geologist Fred Calef III, Virus Viability, New Reality, COVID-19 Vaccine Trial, Lighten Up Trauma!, Croc Moms Rock, Donation Acceptance, Human Magnetoreception, Anxious Kids?, Legos Live Forever, Some Good COVID News,


 2020-03-20  1h54m