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The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each show TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Dr. Kirsten Sanford, a PhD in neuroscience, Justin Jackson, a wisecracking professional car salesman and armchair physicist, and Blair Bazdarich, a zoologist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.

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episode 807: 13 January, 2021 – Episode 807 – Why is Science So Hot???

Hot Oceans, Baby Sharks, Jelly Walls, Hot & Rocky, Ukranian Melting Pot, Super Flare, COVID-19 Update, Tree Snakes, Spider Pockets, Human Persistence, Distant Dire Wolves, Sperm Markers, mRNA For MS, And Much More...



episode 806: 06 January, 2021 – Episode 806 – 2021 Science Predictions

Predictions from 2020, 2021 Science Predictions, Progeria Cure?, Stratospheric Warming, AI Builds Proteins, Bad Science Lingers, Hungry Eagle Owls, Panda Problems, Epigenetic Depression, Octopus Skin, And Much More...



episode 805: 30 December, 2020 – Episode 805 – 2020 Science In Review!

The Top 11 Science Stories of 2020, And Much More...



episode 804: 16 December, 2020 – Episode 804 – TWIS the Season to Hibernate?

Extinction Patterns, What the Keck?, Diamond Sparkling Water, Human Faces, Fewer Hurricanes!, Computer Brains, COVID UPDATE, Spiders... In... Space!, Fish Radios?, MOND Prediction, Magnetic Chips, Usher In Touch, And Much More...



episode 803: 09 December, 2020 – Episode 803 – Bringing Light to the Darkest Timeline

Light Supremacy, Cat Scratch Stretch Marks, Beavers & Frogs, Humans & Nature, Neander Burial, Poo Protection, COVID Update, Dog Talk, Pandas & Poo, Call For Science, Municipal Military, Shrinking Shrew Brains!, Time & Place, And Much More...


 2020-12-11  1h46m

episode 802: 02 December, 2020 – Episode 802 – I Saw Mommy Vaccinating Santa Claus!

Alpha-Fold, Smashing Asteroids, Smelling Coral Reefs, Plant Memory Wipe, High Water Future, Guts & Vitamins, COVID Update, Insect Leg Wings, Avian Democracy, Solar MOF's, Killing Killers, Telomeres & Tumors, Fresh Eyes, Mental Refresh, And Much More...


 2020-12-05  2h4m

episode 801: 25 November, 2020 – Episode 801 – Pile of Hot Turkey Feathers!

Space Travel Stuff, Turkey Feathers, Bendy Dolphins, Saving Birds, Long Lives, Hiding Plants, COVID Update, Alligator Tales, Smart Bees, Smelly Rats, Science Sounds, Memory Maps, Surprise!, And Much More...


 2020-12-02  2h6m

episode 800: 18 November, 2020 – Episode 800 – This is Our 800th Episode!

Long Necks, Giant Viruses, Zoo Monkeys, Geoengineered Nope , Lava Water, Sleep Your Age, Dog Connections, COVID Update, Finch Familiarity, Palate Parasite, Owl Wings, Spy Vacuum, Nostalgia, Trivia, And Much More...


 2020-11-20  2h5m

episode 799: 11 November, 2020 – Episode 799 – How to Grow Younger

Glow Moon, Bacterial Worm Transport, Space Bacteria, Masks Until Mates, Hard Hitting Hurricanes, Sharks & Pterosaurs, Immune Gene, Growing Young Interview w/ Marta Zaraska, Touchy Fish, Mean Mongoose Mob, Voting Science, I Got Chills!, Brain Decoding,


 2020-11-14  2h17m

episode 798: 04 November, 2020 – Episode 798 – Science is All About Patience

Missing Height Found, Lady Hunters, Glowy-pus, Earwax Measures, Crabs & Rats, Voyager Calling!, COVID Update, Drab Birds, Surfing Fish, Ancient Denisovans, Mushroom Magic, Corporate Nudges, Old Holes, And Much More...


 2020-11-07  1h40m