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The kickass weekly science and technology radio show presenting a humorous and irreverent look at the week in science and tech. Each show TWIS discusses the latest in cutting edge science news on topics such as genetic engineering, cybernetics, space exploration, neuro science, and a show favorite Countdown to World Robot Domination. The show is hosted by Dr. Kirsten Sanford, a PhD in neuroscience, Justin Jackson, a wisecracking professional car salesman and armchair physicist, and Blair Bazdarich, a zoologist. Consistently voted one of the top science radio shows on the web - check it out and hear a science news program like no other.

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11 February, 2015 – Episode 501 – This Week in Science

What's In A Core?, Dark Mystery Galaxy?, Dark Matter Heart?, Not-So Bloody Past, Bloody Pests, Gator Blood, Cuddly Crocs, Cat Boxes, Human Cockroaches, Smoking Gun, Meditate On It, Sleep On It, Driving Stoned, Child Bee Labor, Rocktopus, Mr.


 2015-02-14  1h25m

04 February, 2015 – Episode 500 – This Week in Science

Asteroid Didn't Kill Dinos?, Dusty Skies, Consistently Aphids, Polar Bear Penis Peril, Bisexual Beetles, Light Controlled Clock, Toxo Troubles, No More Noro?, Code Within Code, Evolutionary Proof, And Much More...


 2015-02-07  1h34m

28 January, 2015 – Episode 499 – This Week in Science

Cold Fish, Topping Off Telomeres, It's No Yolk, Girl gone wild, God damned grades, Thumbs up, Lucid And Aware, Cagey Cougars, Mystery Goo, Cichlid Flockers, Big Bada Boom, Space Abounds, And Much More...


 2015-01-30  1h31m

21 January, 2015 – Episode 498 – This Week in Science

Planet X and Y?, Light Slowdown!, Belly MicroMissiles, Happiness And LSD, Eat The Fish, Zebra Stripes, Agoraphobic Snails, Killed By Hypoglycemia, Science & GOP, Are You Sitting, Bugs & Guts, PacMap, Calling Ceres, Beetle Babies, And Much More...


 2015-01-28  1h27m

15 January, 2014 – Episode 497 – This Week in Science

Repairing The Spine, Ending Resistance, Smartphone Separation, Sloshy Birds, Electric Knifefish, Bamboo Bassinett, Circumcising Autism, Synthetic Thoughts, American Dog Day, And Much More...


 2015-01-23  1h14m

07 January, 2015 – Episode 496 – This Week in Science

TWIS predicts 2014 in our annual prediction show, Cutllefish Cues, Fake Meal Pills, No Shed Xmas, Goldilocks Abound, Disco Clam, And Much More...


 2015-01-09  1h28m

30 December, 2014 – Episode 495 – This Week in Science

TWIS deconstructs 2014 in our annual countdown of the top 11 science stories of the year!


 2014-12-31  1h26m

17 December, 2014 – Episode 494 – This Week in Science

Organics And Gas On Mars, Gamma Rays From Lightning, Water on Earth!!!, Death To Mammals, Squirrel Impacts, Cannibal Ant Babies, Snail Sense, Hypo Ain't So, Unhealthy Hajj, Arsenic Everywhere, Cholera From Orbit, Tastes Like Dino, Holiday Science,


 2014-12-20  1h33m

10 December, 2014 – Episode 493 – This Week in Science

Where's The Plastic, New Old Bones, Smart Homo, Old Tiny Farmers, No Bald Bees, Suicidal Tendencies, Hovering Hummers, Vampire Birds, Handy Crows, No Cancer From Phones, Space News, Laser Life, AI Debate, Puffy Puffers, And Much More...


 2014-12-14  1h43m

03 December, 2014 – Episode 492 – This Week in Science

Photonic Radiative Cooling! What?!?, Atmospheric Annihilation, Dried Up Dwarves, Radiation Station, Smarter Mice, Worms Eat Plastic, Drill Bugs Drill, King Richard Remains, Odor Me This, Panda Flexibility, Reef Sounds, Ceasing Smoking,


 2014-12-05  1h26m