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TWiT 606: My YouTube Cover Band

Uber President quits, Pwn2Own winners,robots made of human flesh, and more!


 2017-03-20  2h4m

TWiT 605: Think of the Koalas

Wikileak CIA Hacks, Nintendo Switch, Daylight Saving Time kills, and more


 2017-03-13  2h22m

TWiT 604: Flabby, Flaccid, and Flatulent

Snapchat good, Uber bad.


 2017-03-06  2h4m

TWiT 603: Tricks for Tips

Snapchat IPO, bad week for Uber, serious Cloudflare bug, Nokia's 3310 returns, and more.


 2017-02-27  2h15m

TWiT 602: Normcore Phone

Right to Repair in Nebraska, border data grabs, Zuckerberg's manifesto, robot tax, and more.


 2017-02-20  2h25m

TWiT 601: Fiber to the Press Release

Fixing Twitter, hashtag decline, 5G vs fiber, blue collar coding, and more.


 2017-02-13  2h14m

TWiT 600: Bloviating Blowhards

Apple's AR play, FCC changes, microdosing for unfettered creativity, Snap's IPO, and more.


 2017-02-06  1h49m

TWiT 599: Fold With Dignity

Tech companies react to Trump, personal data ports, right to repair, alternate Smaug, and more.


 2017-01-30  2h23m

TWiT 598: It's Probably Squirrels

@POTUS transition, new FCC chair, Apple vs.Qualcomm, squirrels in the grid, and more.


 2017-01-23  2h18m

TWiT 597: Fark Google!

Zuck for President, Apple/Zeiss augmented reality, future photonics, ARM advantage, and more.


 2017-01-16  2h20m