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TWiT 586: The AIs are Talking

Apple and Microsoft announcements, Twitter kills Vine, Google AI creates its own encryption, AT&T/Time Warner $35 DirecTV Now, Uber's self-driving beer delivery.


 2016-10-31  2h2m

TWiT 585: I Can't Wait Till 2021

IoT DDOS, two-factor fails, Pixel's Google Assistant, Tesla Kool-Aid, and more


 2016-10-24  2h13m

TWiT 584: It's not a Fact, but it is Trending

End of the Note 7, Google Assistant, Facebook’s Workplace, Yahoo insecurity, and more.


 2016-10-17  2h27m

TWiT 583: Party On, Zuck!

Note 7 woes, Google’s Pixel phone, nobody wants to buy Twitter, and more.


 2016-10-10  2h3m

TWiT 582: Who's Capping Who?

Andromeda OS, going to Mars, Twitter suitors, IoT attacks, and more.


 2016-10-03  2h17m

TWiT 581: You Can Pay to See it All

AR winners and losers, Twitter sale, Snapchat Spectacles, Yahoo breach, and more!


 2016-09-26  2h4m

TWiT 580: Hiss Happens

VR story telling, jet black iPhone 7 Plus, Note 7 recall, FBI hacking, and more.


 2016-09-18  1h56m

TWiT 579: Burrito Shield

No headphone jack in iPhone 7, Exploding Samsung Note 7, Google and Chipotle drone burrito delivery, and more


 2016-09-12  2h16m

TWiT 578: Bitchin' Betty Says, "Pull Up!"

iPhone 7 coming this week, Google Home coming next month, exploding Samsung Note 7, and more


 2016-09-05  2h23m

TWiT 577: Vulnerable to Ninjas

AI is the next big thing, iPhone 6 Plus "Touch Disease," Google Allo


 2016-08-29  2h6m