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TWiT 554: Cuppa Tea and Biscuits

Apple event preview, iPhone hearing, the surveillance society, and more.


 2016-03-20  2h4m

TWiT 553: Android Nutroll

Obama's SXSW speech, Google's AI wins against Go world champ, Apple announcement rumors, and more.


 2016-03-13  2h26m

TWiT 552: Then They Came for the Oatmeal

Admissibility of mind reading, selfie life, the 'Let the Wookiee Win' rule, and more.


 2016-03-07  2h19m

TWiT 551: The Floor is Lava

Decrypting by update, customer service hacks, people chow, and more.


 2016-02-29  2h18m

TWiT 550: Apple vs. the DOJ

Importance of encryption, Mobile World Congress, Watson's Jennifer, and more.


 2016-02-22  2h34m

TWiT 549: Self Smoking Cigarettes

FBI/DHS hack, Twitter sub-cultures, self-driving drivers, motivated Musk, and more.


 2016-02-15  2h29m

TWiT 548: PuppyMonkeyBaby

Echo evolution, social media campaigning, verified Jiffpom, and more.


 2016-02-07  2h17m

TWiT 547: Alexa, Rent Me a Monk

Earnings week, end of Twitter, Amazon's monk rental, and more.


 2016-02-01  2h24m

TWiT 546: Do I Look Like an Angel to You?

Facebook’s, journalistic orthodoxy, Twitter upheaval, and more.


 2016-01-25  2h14m

TWiT 545: There's a Literal Frog in My Throat

New car technologies, Bitcoin warning, Twitter anonymity, and more.


 2016-01-18  2h12m