This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.



      episode 490: Shave ice and giant viruses

      From the TWiV team, human cowpox infection possibly acquired from a pet cat, and a new giant mimivirus of green algae with genes encoding enzymes of fermentation.



      episode 489: CD4 Hunter

      Vincent visits Sandra Urdaneta-Hartmann at Drexel University College of Medicine in Philadelphia to talk about the development of the mobile video game 'CD4 Hunter'.



      episode 488: Who nose if it will work in humans

      The TWiV team reveals that recent mumps virus outbreaks in the US are due to waning vaccine efficacy, and an intranasally delivered small interfering RNA that controls West Nile infection in the brain.



      episode 487: Milwaukee viral

      At the Medical College of Wisconsin, Vincent talks with current and former members of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology about their work and their careers.



      episode 486: Sean Whelan on being haploid

      Sean Whelan returns to TWiV to speak with Vincent about using haploid cell lines to identify genes encoding cell receptors for viruses, including Ebolavirus, Lassa virus, and more.



      episode 485: Fishing with defective flies

      The TWiV posse considers viral insulin-like peptides encoded in fish genomes, and insect antiviral immunity by production of viral DNA from defective genomes of RNA viruses.


       2018-03-18  1h25m

      episode 484: Float like a mimivirus STING like a bat

      The TWiVumvirate discuss the giant Tupanvirus, with the longest tail in the known virosphere, and dampened STING dependent interferon activation in bats.


       2018-03-11  1h26m

      episode 483: Every infection is unhappy in its own way

      Vincent and the Virals review undermining of antiviral effectiveness by genital inflammation, and heterogeneity of influenza virus infection in single cells.


       2018-03-04  1h41m

      episode 482: Don't EVEome without antibody expressed

      The TWiV Masters discuss serologic evidence of Ebolavirus infection in a population with no outbreaks, and the set of endogenous viral elements in the mosquito genome.


       2018-02-25  1h37m

      episode 481: And biles to go before I delete

      The TWiVodrome the intestinal tract as an alternative infection route for MERS coronavirus, and how reduced accumulation of defective viral RNAs might lead to severe influenza.


       2018-02-18  1h42m