This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.



      episode 503: The greening of TWiV

      Vincent, Rich and Kathy travel to ASV 2018 at the University of Maryland to speak with Svetlana Folimonova and Anne Simon about their work on viruses that infect plants.



      episode 502: Texas road phage

      The TWiV team travels to Texas A&M University, home of the Center for Phage Technology, where they speak with Ry Young and Jason Gill about their work on viruses that infect bacteria.



      episode 501: Outbreak

      Vincent visits the Smithsonian Institution and speaks with Sabrina Sholts, Jon Epstein, and Ed Niles about the exhibit Outbreak: Epidemics in a Connected World.



      episode 500: Keep virology weird

      The entire TWiV team visits The University of Texas in Austin to record episode #500 with guests Jinny Suh, Jason McClellan, and Jon Huibregtse.



      episode 499: Good virologists go to Halifax

      Vincent and Alan travel to the Canadian Society for Virology meeting in Halifax, Nova Scotia to speak with Nathalie and Craig about their vision for the society, and with Kate and Ryan about their careers and their research.



      episode 498: Salivating at ASM Microbe

      Vincent, Kathy and Rich travel to ASM Microbe 2018 in Atlanta where they speak with Stacy Horner and Ken Stapleford about their careers and their research.


       2018-06-17  1h8m

      episode 497: Europic 2018

      At Europic 2018, a meeting on picornaviruses in the Netherlands, Vincent speaks with Sasha Gorbalenya, Jim Hogle, Ann Palmenberg and Frank van Kuppeveld about their careers and their research.


       2018-06-10  59m

      episode 496: Vaccines work, whether or not you believe in them

      Vincent and Rich recorded this episode at Vaccines in the 21st Century, a meeting held at the University of California, Irvine, where they spoke with Stacy Schultz-Cherry, Douglas Diekema, and Andrew Noymer about vaccine facts and fiction.


       2018-06-03  1h15m

      episode 495: Influenza virus keeps its ion channel 20

      The TWiVerati follow up on the Ebola virus outbreak, virulence of Ebola-Makona, and reveal how a parasitoid is revealed to hyperparasitoids, and binding of influenza virus to a calcium ion channel to mediate influenza virus entry.


       2018-05-27  1h51m

      episode 494: Ebola Makona is the opposite of hakuna matata

      Vincent, Kathy, and Alan review the ongoing outbreak of Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the finding that mutations identified in the 2015 West African epidemic do not alter pathogenesis in animals.


       2018-05-20  1h12m