This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.



      episode 515: When virus is in retrograde

      The TWiV team notes the passing of Tom Steitz, an outbreak of acute flaccid myelitis in the US, a continuing Ebola virus outbreak in DRC, respiratory vaccinia due to inhalation of ground up rabbit skin, and how a human papillomavirus capsid protein...



      episode 514: Staying below the ADAR

      The TWiVumvirate reviews this years crop of Nobel Prizes, and how cells prevent leakage of mitochondrial double-stranded RNA into the cytoplasm, which would otherwise lead to the production of interferon.



      episode 5132: Double-stranded in Belgium

      From the 13th International Symposium on dsRNA viruses in Belgium, Vincent speaks with Harry Greenberg about his career and his work on rotaviruses, noroviruses, hepatitis B virus, and influenza virus.



      episode 512: Flexuous SUMO wrestlers

      Anne Simon joins the TWiV team to talk about plant viruses, including plum pox virus that devastates nut and stone fruit trees, and a geminivirus protein that regulates viral DNA synthesis.



      episode 511: Accessory found guilty in DC

      Ned Landau joins the TWiV team to discuss restriction of HIV replication by SAMHD1, and a viral antagonist that can be used to produce a dendritic cell vaccine.


       2018-09-16  1h48m

      episode 510: Retroviruses at Cold Spring Harbor

      Vincent and Dickson travel to the 44th Retrovirus meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories, where they speak with John Coffin, Stephen Hughes, Ya-Chi Ho, and Matt Takata about the meeting and their work on HIV-1.


       2018-09-09  1h4m

      episode 509: 41,103 bases under the sea

      The TWiV team considers whether those who can do, can't teach, and newly discovered viruses of planarians and Aplysia with the largest RNA genomes.


       2018-09-02  1h46m

      episode 508: Bioweapon

      Jens returns to present a brief history of bioweapons, with a focus on the program in the Soviet Union, the largest ever undertaken, and his experience working in the decommissioned Soviet bioweapons laboratory known as Vector.


       2018-08-26  2h7m

      episode 507: The fusion of form and function

      The TWiV team discuss the biology of Ebola viruses, and how localization of the membrane proteins of vaccinia virus drive function: the fusion machinery sits at the tips of virions, and binding proteins are at the sides.


       2018-08-19  1h58m

      David Tuller is PACEman

      David Tuller returns to provide an update of his investigative work to expose the methodological and ethical problems with the PACE trial for ME/CFS.


       2018-08-17  1h8m