This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.

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TWiV #60 - Making viral RNA

Vincent and Dick continue Virology 101 with a discussion of how RNA viruses produce mRNA and replicate their genomes.


 2009-11-29  1h11m

TWiV #59 - Dog bites virus

A TWiV panel of five considers the finding of Streptococcus pneumoniae in fatal H1N1 cases in Argentina, hysteria in the Ukraine over pandemic influenza, and human vaccinia infection after contact with a raccoon rabies vaccine bait.


 2009-11-22  1h20m

TWiV #58 - Nipah virus in ferrets

Vincent, Dick, Alan and emergency medicine physician Dr. Joshua Stillman talk about passive antibody therapy for Nipah infection in ferrets, immunization and facemasks to prevent influenza, dengue, and the amazing viral communities in an Antarctic lake.


 2009-11-15  1h12m

TWiV #57 - Virology in high school

Vincent visited Scotch Plains - Fanwood High School and talked about viruses with high school biology students.


 2009-11-08  1h34m

TWiV #56 - Perspicuously perspicacious

Vincent, Dick, Alan, and Cliff answer questions from listeners on swine influenza origins, transmission, virulence, and vaccines, HIV and AIDS, and more.


 2009-11-01  1h19m

TWiV #55 - Mice lie, monkeys exaggerate

The largest TWiV panel ever takes on XMRV and chronic fatigue, chemistry Nobel prizes for ribosome structure, new poxvirus vaccine candidates, brouhaha over leaked Canadian data on flu susceptibility, and transmission of H1N1 influenza to a pet ferret.


 2009-10-25  1h31m

TWiV #54 - Professor Lynn Enquist, virology luminary

Vincent speaks with Lynn Enquist about his career in virology, moving from academia to industry and back. Along the way he did pioneering research on bacteriophage, participated in the birth of recombinant DNA technology, and studied herpesviruses.


 2009-10-18  1h27m

TWiV #53 - The ends justify the means

Vincent, Dick, and Alan talk about Nobel prizes for telomere research, bacteriophages that protect aphids from wasps, salicylates and pandemic influenza mortality, and hand washing.


 2009-10-11  1h1m

TWiV #52 - Scott Hammer, MD on AIDS vaccines

Vincent and Dr. Scott Hammer talk about different types of AIDS vaccines and how they are tested in clinical trials.


 2009-10-05  1h10m


Vincent, Dick, and Alan (cameo appearance by Rich Condit) review world’s largest Phase III study of an HIV vaccine candidate in Thailand, immunization of salmon against infectious salmon anemia virus, and an outbreak of blueberry shock virus in Michigan


 2009-09-27  1h23m