This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.

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TWiV #25 - Viral evolution

Vincent, Alan, and Luis Villarreal talk about rabies in Viet Nam and Angola, needle-stick infections with ebolavirus and West Nile virus, and viral evolution.


 2009-03-22  1h7m

TWiV #24 - Viroids

Vincent, Alan, and Hamish Young discuss bacteriophages in viral vaccines, enteroviruses and diabetes, inhibition of Hendra and Nipah virus replication by the malaria drug chloroquine, and viroids.


 2009-03-15  59m

TWiV #23 - Extreme virology

Vincent, Dick, and Alan review a new macaque model for HIV-1 infection, Epstein-Barr virus and multiple sclerosis, accidental release of H5N1 by a vaccine company, resistance of frogs to virus infection, and the biggest and smallest viruses.


 2009-03-08  49m

TWiV #22 - Viral bioinformatics

Vincent and Chris Upton converse about hepatitis B in India, ribozyme-based AIDS gene therapy, antibodies that neutralize many influenza virus strains, killing tumors with vaccinia virus, rabbit myxoma virus, and the Viral Bioinformatics Resource Center.


 2009-02-28  59m

TWiV #21 - Viruses of bacteria

Vincent, Dick, Alan, and Max Gottesman discus an unusual wasp-virus symbiosis, influenza transmission and absolute humidity, how mosquitoes survive Dengue virus infection, and viruses of bacteria.


 2009-02-22  55m

TWiV #20 - Hepatitis C virus

Vincent, Dick, Alan, and Matt Evans converse about TED, the Wakefield autism controversy, 99 rhinovirus sequences, Marburg in the USA, and hepatitis C virus.


 2009-02-15  1h6m

TWiV #19 - Cap-snatching

Vincent and Alan discuss cap-snatching by the hantavirus N protein and the influenza virus endonuclease, HIV-1 and Ebola virus antagonism of tetherin, and influenza pneumonia.


 2009-02-08  40m

TWiV #18 - Can a virus make you fat?

Vincent, Dick, and Alan discuss adenovirus and obesity, new influenza antiviral drugs, VHS virus of fish, and Ebola virus in pigs and pig farmers in the Phillipines.


 2009-01-31  50m

TWiV #17 - Seminal discoveries in virology

Vincent, Dick, and Saul talk about discoveries in virology that have had a major impact on the field.


 2009-01-24  57m

TWiV #16 - Virology in Saanen, HIV origins

Vincent and Jeremy review the Saanen virology meeting and the implications of a new HIV-1 sequence for the origins of AIDS.


 2009-01-18  1h3m