This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.

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TWiV #94 - XMRV with Dr. Ila Singh

Vincent, Alan, and Rich speak with Ila Singh about the new human retrovirus XMRV, and how her laboratory is studying its association with prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.


 2010-08-08  1h17m

TWiV #93 - Our infectious inbox

Vincent, Alan, and Rich answer listener questions about lab procedures, prokaryotes, endogenous retroviruses, the iPad and teaching, prions, mimivirus, splitting water with viruses, and the polio outbreak in Tajikistan.


 2010-08-01  1h45m

TWiV #92 - Live at ASV in Bozeman

Vincent, Rich, Karla, and Marilyn recorded TWiV at the 29th Annual ASV meeting in Bozeman, where they discussed plant viruses and how they make plants resistant to adverse conditions, and identification of dominant negative drug targets.


 2010-07-25  57m

TWiV #91 - You're an ERVous wreck

Vincent, Dickson, Alan, Rich and Welkin discuss the nature, origin, and evolution of endogenous retroviruses (ERVs), and the recent finding of endogenous filovirus genomes in mammals.


 2010-07-18  1h29m

TWiV #90 - Guano happens

Vincent, Alan, Rich and Eric discuss identification of viruses in Northeastern American bats, vaccinia virus infection after sexual contact with a military vaccinee, and identification of a new flavivirus from an Old World bat in Bangladesh.


 2010-07-11  1h29m

TWiV #89 - Where do viruses vacation?

Vincent and Alan review recent findings on the association of the retrovirus XMRV with ME/CFS, reassortment of 2009 pandemic H1N1 influenza virus in swine, and where influenza viruses travel in the off-season.


 2010-07-04  1h17m

TWiV #88 - A bug fix, an AIDS treatment, and an undead retrovirus

Vincent, Alan, and Marc discuss using a virus for beetle control, RNA based gene therapy for AIDS, and reconstitution of a endogenous human retrovirus.


 2010-06-27  1h31m

TWiV #87 - A PHIREside chat with Professor Graham Hatfull

Vincent, Alan, and Rich hear from Professor Graham Hatfull how students in the Phage Hunters Integrating Research and Education (PHIRE) program learn about scientific inquiry by doing research on bacteriophages.


 2010-06-20  1h25m

TWiV #86 - Dark matter with Dr. Eric Delwart

Vincent and Rich travel to the Blood Systems Research Institute in San Francisco to speak with Eric Delwart about his work on virus discovery.


 2010-06-13  1h20m

TWiV #85 - Hepatitis C virus with Professor Michael Gale

Vincent and Michael Gale discuss the origin, pathogenesis, prevention, of hepatitis C virus, and how it evades innate immune responses.


 2010-06-06  55m