This Week in Virology

TWiV is a weekly netcast about viruses - the kind that make you sick. Brought to you by four university professors and a science writer.

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TWiV #85 - Hepatitis C virus with Professor Michael Gale

Vincent and Michael Gale discuss the origin, pathogenesis, prevention, of hepatitis C virus, and how it evades innate immune responses.


 2010-06-06  55m

TWiV #84 - Gators go viral

Vincent and Rich spoke with Dave Bloom and Grant McFadden about their work on herpesviruses and poxviruses in this episode recorded before an audience at the University of Florida, Gainesville - home of the Gators.


 2010-05-31  1h38m

TWiV #83 - An hour with Dr. Kiki

Vincent, Alan, Rich, and special guest Dr. Kirsten Sanford talk about her career in science media, then consider whether smallpox eradication led to the AIDS pandemic, high fidelity RNA synthesis, and a new Ebola virus vaccine.


 2010-05-23  1h31m

TWiV #82 - Immunology in silico

Vincent and Rich talk about how thymic selection of T cells might lead to better control of HIV-1 infection, and a mouse model for severe antibody-induced dengue virus disease.


 2010-05-16  1h22m

TWiV #81 - Be a virus, see the world

Vincent and Rich answer listener questions on viruses and gluten allergy, RNA silencing, influenza virus, herpes simplex virus, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue syndrome, manicure salons, and the koala tea of Marseilles.


 2010-05-09  1h34m

TWiV #80 - How much X could a woodchuck chuck?

Vincent, Alan, and Rich speak with Michael Bouchard about hepatitis B virus discovery, replication, and pathogenesis.


 2010-05-03  1h20m

TWiV #79 - Red hot chili viruses

Vincent and Alan converse about making published science accessible to everyone, global eradication of poliomyelitis, and whether a plant virus can cause disease in humans.


 2010-04-25  1h11m

TWiV #78 - Darwin gets weird

Vincent, Alan, Dickson, and Rich talk about treating arthritis with a tanapox virus protein, Darwinian evolution of prions in cell culture, and the connection between cold weather fronts and outbreaks of avian H5N1 influenza in Europe.


 2010-04-18  1h13m

TWiV #77 - Non-nuclear proliferation

Vincent, Alan, and Rich revisit circovirus contamination of Rotarix, then discuss poxvirus-like replication of mimivirus in the cell cytoplasm, and whether seasonal influenza immunization increases the risk of infection with the 2009 H1N1 pandemic virus.


 2010-04-11  1h22m

TWiV #76 - XMRV with Professor Stephen Goff

Vincent speaks with Stephen Goff about the origin of the retrovirus XMRV and its association with prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.


 2010-04-04  55m