This Is Actually Happening

Through first person, short format storytelling with no commentary, This Is Actually Happening probes the chaotic interiors of the human experience as we find out what happens when everything changes. If you'd like to donate to the show, go to

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#163: What if you grew up in a violent gang?

“Any sense of identity no matter how fake was bet…


 2020-10-06  52m

#162: What if you grew up in a cult?

“I didn’t know what normal was, so everything loo…


 2020-09-22  1h1m

#161: What if you suffered a shocking loss?

“That feeling…honestly I will never forget it, ju…


 2020-09-08  47m

Happenings Vol. 1: No Man's Land

Today we launch a new series of bonus content cal…


 2020-09-01  1h14m

#160: What if you were assaulted by a stranger in the dark?

“Right in the center of your body there’s this le…


 2020-08-25  45m

#159: What if someone you love committed a monstrous crime?

“I could live with the nightmares. I could live w…


 2020-08-11  59m

#158: What if you entered The Void?

“You try to take off your skin to try to get rid …


 2020-07-28  1h9m

#157: What if you couldn't tell anyone?

“The idea that they had plucked me from this terr…


 2020-06-16  51m

#156: What if you swallowed 48 bags of cocaine?

“I had to go through having taken everything away…


 2020-06-02  45m

#155: What if you had to pull the plug?

“When somebody hurts you and then they’re like, ‘…


 2020-05-19  48m