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Thoughts from a Page is hosted by me, Cindy Burnett, a voracious reader and book columnist who provides you with casual author conversations and insider information on all of the newest releases that I have read and personally recommend. With so many books coming out weekly, it can be hard to decide what to read so I find the best ones and share them with you.  Listen to find your next great book.

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episode 440: Deborah Jackson Taffa - WHISKEY TENDER

In this interview, I chat with Deborah Jackson Taffa about Whiskey Tender, telling an intersectional story, portraying blended backgrounds versus oversimplifying the Native experience, weaving history into her own story, what surprised her the most when she was writing her memoir. her title and cover, and much more...



episode 439: Amanda Churchill - THE TURTLE HOUSE

In this interview, I chat with Amanda Churchill about The Turtle House, how this story is inspired by her grandmother's life, incorporating a Minogame into the book, deciding on Lia's career path, telling an intergenerational story, Japan before and during World War 2, and much more. Amanda's recommended reads are: Chenneville by Paulette Jiles Deep as the Sky, Red as the Sea by Rita Chang-Eppig A History of Burning by Janika Oza The Majority by Elizabeth Silver B.F.F...



episode 438: Robin Oliveira - A WILD AND HEAVENLY PLACE

In this interview, I chat with Robin Oliveira about A Wild and Heavenly Place, how she set out to write an epic love story, creating a strong sense of place, her title and cover, understanding her characters' motivations, shipbuilding and coal mining, and much more...



episode 437: Brandy Schillace - THE FRAMED WOMEN OF ARDEMORE HOUSE

In this interview, I chat with Brandy Schillace about The Framed Women of Ardemore House, writing a mystery series, creating an authentic neurodiverse character, her title and cover, how she named the house in the book, her Peculiar Book Club and why she launched it, and much more...



episode 436: Karen Outen - DIXON, DESCENDING

In this interview, I chat with Karen Outen about Dixon, Descending, how she came upon with the idea for this story, the mental component of climbing Mt. Everest, her research and the way she depicts the mountain, having to decide what to leave out, choosing the correct year to set the story, her title and cover, and much more...



episode 435: Jessica Bryant Klagmann - THIS IMPOSSIBLE BRIGHTNESS

In this interview, I chat with Jessica Bryant Klagmann about This Impossible Brightness, how she came up with the idea for this novel, climate change and incorporating it into the story, focusing on the idea of listening, echoes, genre mashups, and much more. Jessica's recommended reads are: The Comet Seekers by Helen Sedgwick The Bear by Andrew Krivak All We Can Save: Truth, Courage, and Solutions for the Climate Crisis by Ayana Elizabeth Johnson (editor) and Katharine K...



episode 434: Adam Vitcavage - Debutiful

In this Behind the Scenes interview, Adam Vitcavage and I chat about Debutiful, how Debutiful got started, his First Taste Reading series, why he focuses on debuts, why he doesn't believe in spoilers, how he decides who to interview, and much more...



episode 433: ReShonda Tate - THE QUEEN OF SUGAR HILL

In this interview, I chat with ReShonda Tate about The Queen of Sugar Hill, how she became interested enough in Hattie McDaniel to write about her, how Hattie opened doors for others, the research she did for the book, how she decided what years of Hattie's life to focus on for the story, looking at historical events through the lens of the time period versus a 21st-century lens, and much more. ReShonda's recommended reads are: The Other Princess by Denny S...


 January 30, 2024  28m

episode 432: Benjamin Stevenson - EVERYONE ON THIS TRAIN IS A SUSPECT

In this interview, I chat with Benjamin Stevenson about Everyone On This Train Is a Suspect, subverting the unreliable narrator trope, setting this book on the Ghan and his trips on the train, creating homages to Golden Age mysteries, weaving humor into his stories, his screen adaptation news, and much more...


 January 26, 2024  47m

episode 431: Laurie Frankel - FAMILY FAMILY

In this interview, I chat with Laurie Frankel about Family Family, exploring adoption in a positive manner, her research, unpacking the idea of chosen family, infusing humor into her stories, cancel culture, how much the book transformed over time, and much more...


 January 23, 2024  42m