Tights and Fights

Tights and Fights is the podcast that covers pro-wrestling with the sincerity and hilarity that it deserves. Every week, hosts Hal Lublin, Danielle Radford and Mike Eagle make sense of the chaos that is the world of sports-entertainment. Whether it's the latest headlines, a cultural analysis of an old angle or a debate about which wrestler has the best merch, Tights and Fights will examine every corner of the squared-circle for your enjoyment.


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Ep. 151: Rob Van Dam on his career, concussions and CBD

This week, Hal, Danielle and Lindsey by Rob Van Dam. He’s been a part of the wrestling industry since 1989. He’s perhaps best known for his time in WWE where he beat John Cena for the WWE Title in 2005. Rob is also one of the founding members of the o



Ep. 150: Tights and Fyter Fest

This week, Hal, Danielle and Lindsey discuss AEW’s sophomore event Fyter Fest.There was a lot of mostly-good wrestling with plenty of other things that disappointed and even horrified the panel. Plus, it looks like WWE is finally responding creatively t



Ep. 149: Tappin’ Titles w/ Emily Pratt

This week, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by Emily Pratt. She’s a wrestling writer and reporter for Uproxx. Pratt joins the panel to discuss the things that everyone’s incredibly excited for like the G1 Climax and that feels incredibly baffling like



Ep. 148: "One Fall" w/ David F. Walker and Brett Weldele

This week, Hal and Danielle are joined by David F. Walker and Brett Weldele. They are the writer and artist (respectively) behind the new comic series "One Fall." It’s all about a third generation wrestler who competes for profit and survival in a world



Ep. 147: Robe Warrior Ric Flair w/ Adam Pranica

This week, Hal and Danielle are joined by Adam Pranica! He’s the host of the fellow Max Fun Podcasts "The Greatest Generation," "The Greatest Discovery," and "Friendly Fire." The panel will discuss the life and career of Ric Flair, from the early days i


 2019-06-14  59m

Tights and Fights Ep. 146: CMLL at Arena Mexico w/ Jesse Thorn

This week, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by Jesse Thorn. He’s Max Fun’s top Big Boss Man and he’s had almost no experience with wrestling. But a few weeks ago, he and his wife traveled to Mexico City and Arena Mexico where they saw their first liv


 2019-06-06  53m

Ep. 145: Double or Nothing w/ Box Brown

This week, Hal and Danielle are joined by Box Brown. He’s a comic book artist and writer who’s a longtime, but lapsed, fan of WWE. But this past weekend featured a show that rekindled his and the entire panel’s love of wrestling: Double or Nothing f


 2019-05-30  51m

Ep. 144: An Encyclopedia of Women's Wrestling w/ LaToya Ferguson

This week, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by LaToya Ferguson. She’s the author of the brand new book "An Encyclopedia of Women’s Wrestling." She’ll tell us all about it and break down Money in the Bank and the introduction of WWE’s new 24/7 title


 2019-05-23  44m

Ep. 143: The Road to 20-0 w/ John Walsh (a.k.a. Super Eyepatch Wolf)

This week, Danielle and Lindsey are joined by John Walsh. His fans on YouTube know him as Super EyePatch Wolf, where he’s gained following for deep dives into anime, video-games and wrestling. The panel breaks down some of the latest NXT stories and cha


 2019-05-16  52m

Tights and Fights Ep 142: Young and Wild and Free

This week, Hal, Danielle and Lindsey take a look at WWE’s new Wild Card rule! For the last several years WWE’s two shows have existed as (mostly) separate shows with separate rosters. But a lot of that went right out the window this week, as more cros


 2019-05-10  51m